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  • 1 star review  Do not trust Libby. She 'looked after' my dogs a few months ago and on the surface seemed nice but later found out through cctv that she didn't walk them once, left them on their own for hours and brought a random man back to stay overnight. Tom and Toto knows about this so I am shocked she is still working for them. EDIT IN RESPONSE TO THE REPLY I might not have used Tom and Toto but Libby is a pet sitter that works for you. She was working for you back in May when I used her. In fact she was moonlighting as you had no idea she had set up independently of Tom and Toto. Plus while in my house she wore the Tom and Toto uniform. So regardless or whether I am a client the review is still 100% valid. You may well have done checks but the fact is when I told you how Libby mistreated my animals you did nothing about it. I am so shocked you are happy to have someone on your books who 1) Didn't walk my dogs even once when saying here. 2) Left them on their own for 8 hours a day when being paid to be a live in sitter. And when returning only let them out to the toilet for a couple of minutes, no proper exercise. 3) Inviting some random man to stay overnight despite not mentioning to us and us not vetting him beforehand. I have video footage of all of his including a heartbreaking video of my dog wanting to play with a toy and this man putting it out of his reach. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter if I was a client of yours the fact remains that Libby was a terrible pet sitter and others need to be warned. FURTHER EDIT What you aren't getting as although you weren't involved in his arrangement you do employ this person still despite knowing what happened. That makes your checks pointless if when something happens you ignore it. All I say to anyone reading this is don't trust that the sitter is doing what they should if Tom and Toto can employ someone with clearly no interest in animals.

    thumb Becki Carpenter
  • positive review  100%....a recommendation from another company Pet Pixie who i also fully trust with my Ziggy as well as the key to my home.

    thumb Happy Panda
  • 5 star review  Emma from Tom & Toto came in to look after my two border collies while we were away for the week cycling the C2C. As always a very professional service, very reliable and we appreciated the regular text updates. Happy to reccomend them.

    thumb Andrew Gibson

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