12 types of doggos you’ll meet on our pack walks at Tom and Toto

12 types of doggos you’ll meet on our pack walks at Tom and Toto

Here at Tom and Toto we have every kind of dog breed and every kind of personality you can think of on our pack walks.

We cater to walks to make sure each and every dog is happy by insuring the walk locations and the groups they go out with are perfect for them.

Here is just 12 types of dogs we have on our group walks, but I am sure there are a lot more!

1- The social Butterfly

This dog loves everyone regardless of 2 legs or 4. They have to say hi to every person they walk near so they can get all the cuddles and fuss. They also want to make friends with all dogs they meet and make them part of the family. These little social butterflies have to be called back every time there is a person or dog near by as they do not have any idea of personal boundaries, So they get called back, put on lead, and allowed to do controlled ‘hello’ but overall are just happy with any fuss from anyone

2- The ball obsessed

We all know one! these pooches love a ball… possibly abit too much! If a ball is in sight everything else is a blur. You will normally find these dogs laying waiting for a ball to be thrown or jumping into a river to retrieve their ball. They are also known ball thieves, so we always have to carry spare balls with them just in case they steal or loose a stranger’s ball!

3- The sniffer

Sniff, Sniff and Sniff some more. These are ones that must stop and sniff EVERYTHING! They are normally the ones that lag behind a little because the aim is to sniff and scent mark as much as they can like they have a little internal competition going on.

4- The Velcro dog

These are ones that love the company of their human walker. They are normally found at the walkers heels even if they are off lead. usually happy to have a very chilled social group but as long as their ‘human’ is there, then they are not far behind.

5- The swimmer

River, stream, lake, river, pond or a puddle… these pups love finding any water to be in.. even if it’s a smelly bog! The swimmer and the ball obsessed are normally one in the same.. you will find them leaping into a body of water for the trill of getting their ball.

6- The mucky pup

Oh yes!! These dogs never go home clean and have to be washed after every walk. We have no idea how they find the smallest muddy puddle and end up completely covered! The mucky pup can also be ‘The roller’ who find the smelliest thing out on the walk and insist on covering themselves head to tail is the worst smell ever while having the biggest grin on their face with their achievements.

7- The plodder

Also known as the moocher; they like to take life easy and take it at their own pace. They don’t have a care in the world and happy to just waddle about … except if you have a treat in your hand! They tend to be the older pup however some younger ones who are old souls just love to take everything in their stride.

8- The ninja

Oh! What?! Where! How?! These dogs are normally off lead dogs who love to follow their noses and explore undergrowth then suddenly… pow… they appear where you least expect them to be and jump out of a shrub like a little ninja and make you jump.

9- The baby

“Awww cuttteee” which is what we normally hear when a new puppy joins walks when they are old enough. They can be super shy and everything is so new and they are getting to know the big world they have joined. They are there to make friends and learn the ropes and can be abit all over the place trying to learn doggy manners and recall. They can also be found carried around if the day has just been abit too much and they are ready for an afternoon nap. Who cannot stop and say hi to a little bundle of cuteness… I know I don’t have that self control.

10- The zoomer

Zooooom… these dogs are normally a blur as they go full speed at what ever they do. Normally found doing laps around the woodland, or the fields. We have to give them speedy friends that match up to them or their walk could be super boring. They are full of beans and have lots of energy to burn so we have to make sure they have the space to do it in.

11- The big dog that thinks it’s a little dog

Also known as the gentle giant. These lovable dogs have no clue of their size and think they are lapdogs and don’t understand why they can’t sit on you.. well, I would like to breathe today please! These big pups also don’t understand why we always say ‘gently’ when all they want to do is bounce around all over the other dogs and play like the others. They are normally the cutest big dogs that people either gravitate too or walk away from because of their sheer size. As long as we can find them the perfect friend, they have a big place with us.

12- The muncher

There are 2 types of muncher.. a- the foodie; They are food driven in general so will always be the first in line when the hand goes in the treat pouch and will normally demand treats too if they had their own way and b- the I will eat anything; including Dead animals, cow pats, anything…Yuck! These guys don’t mind what it is because they will find it no matter how obscure and aim to eat it.


As you can see, not all pooches are the same… knowing who they are is key on walks, so we know what to look out for and how to keep them entertained and contented when they go home.

Tell us what categories (or several of them!) your dog falls within or if you can come up with any we have missed. We would love to hear from you.


Happy walking!!


Assistant Manager