3 Alternative Dog Walks In Norwich (That You Haven’t Found Yet)

Norwich is the best, right? (The Times reckons so, and we agree.) If you live in or around the area, you’ll know it’s a hub for arts and culture. Plus, it has a fantastic foodie scene.

But it’s not just a great place for humans to live; it’s also a perfect spot for dogs. There are plenty of cafés, pubs, and hotels that welcome our four-legged friends with open paws. And let’s not forget the gorgeous parks and green spaces where your dog can run – and roll – around in.

Where’s the best place to walk my dog in Norwich?

If you’ve put our top dog-walking spots in South Norwich to the test, you might be searching for something new. 

Nodding your head? We’ve walked the walk (literally) to give you our top recommendations.  So, here goes! These are the three best places in Norwich – off the beaten track – to walk your pups:

1.Mystical Woods

A magical name, fitting for a magical place. Full of colour and picture-perfect scenery, it’s the ideal springtime ramble.

Where: Thorpe Marriott, NR10 4DX

How long will it take us? 3.4km – an average of 46 mins

How easy is the walk? 4.5 / 5 – super easy, even for smaller dogs (or tired humans)

This must be one of our favourite places in Norwich, especially in springtime. It comes alive, with the azaleas and rhododendrons in bloom. It comes alive with people, too – and their dogs!

There’s lots of public footpaths, but if you or your dog fancy going headfirst into nature, it’s easy to explore the woods. 

Lowlight: this spot can get busy, so bear that in mind if you prefer quieter dog walks.

Highlight: there’s a free car park (and deer about!).


2. Boudicca Way

A rambling walk through the peaceful countryside. This walk takes its name from the legendary warrior Queen of Iceni. If you remember your history lessons, you’ll love the Roman remains along this walk – keep an eye out!

Where: Norwich Railway Station, NR1 1EF (ends, handily, at Diss Station – IP22 4HN)

How long will it take us? the whole route is 36 miles (12-20 hours – wow!). Luckily, this walk is easily split up into sections. We’d recommend 3 hours to see the highlights.

How easy is the walk? 3.5 / 5 – it’s not a difficult walk, and it’s easily done with dogs and children. 

If you decide to have a pub break along the way, The Globe in Shotesham has outdoor seating, and The Cock Inn in Diss is proudly dog-friendly. (Their food is delicious, too!)

Lowlight: you could miss out on some scenery if you don’t like a longer walk.

Highlight: the countryside is stunning, and perfect for dogs to run around in.


3. Marriott’s Way

A quiet, easy route, great for wildlife-spotting. This route takes you through farmland, woodland, and water meadows. So, there’s lots of pretty sights – and plenty of places for your dog to play.

Where: by the roundabout at Barn Road and Barker Street, NR2 4TQ

How long will it take us? It’s 26 miles (around 8 hours) but is easy to dip in and out of.

How easy is the walk? 5 / 5 – super easy!

This is the perfect sunny-day amble, and great for those who prefer quieter dog walks. You can see a whole variety of wildlife – kestrels, owls, deer, and even otters and kingfishers! There’s also a wide range of plant life – keep an eye out for wild strawberries (luckily not poisonous for your pup).

Lowlight: if your dog is more reactive, it might be best to avoid the wildlife.

Highlight: the public art – take a look at the rail sculptures every mile!


If you’ve been on one of these walks, or if you have any more recommendations, let us know! 

Hopefully we’ll see you and your dog on the trails very soon.