5 Ways To Keep Your Dogs Teeth Clean

Cleaning your dogs teeth can be tricky. There are other ways besides brushing that will help clean their teeth and keep plaque at bay. These are our top 5:

1. Hard Vegetables
This is my favourite and my dog Red loves a veggie snack. I often give her a whole raw carrot or the stem of a brocolli once i’ve cut the florets off for my dinner and these help clear tartar and plaque and provide her with extra vitamins and nutrients to keep her healthy. Other good options are raw cauliflower or sweet potato.

2. Dental Chews
These work the same as the hard veggies and are shaped specifically to reach the gum line and help clean teeth. Some brands contain a lot of sugar which feels counterintuitive so I recommend checking the ingredients.

3. Raw Bones
These are usually beef and are full of vitamins and minerals. The friction of the teeth against the bone clears away debris. Additionally, certain protein enzymes found in raw bones work to inhibit the growth of oral bacteria, keeping your dog’s breath smelling fresh. Make sure the bones are too large for your dog to fit the whole thing in their mouth to prevent swallowing and choking. Never feed your dog a cooked bone as these can splinter, become lodged anywhere from their mouth to their stomach and can cause significant injuries. Do always supervise your dog with a bone.

4. Chew Toys
There are lots of toys on the market designed to encourage your dog to chew. Dental chew toys with lots of variety in texture can help scrape the plaque off your dog’s teeth as they relax and enjoy a good chew. Your dog should always be supervised when playing with chew toys to make sure they don’t swallow any large pieces. This is a good example from KONG

5. Plaque Off Powder
This powder is made from seaweed and is sprinkled onto your dogs meal daily. While it won’t necessarily remove plaque already on your dog’s teeth it will significantly help control futher build up. I give it to my cats and dog every day. It is available on line on many websites.