5 Ways To Survive Muddy Dog Walks

This October has been non stop rain and with it comes the mud!!

Even the tallest or shortest haired pup will end up muddy but don’t let that put you off venturing off the beaten track to get nice and filthy!! These are my top 5 ways to survive the mud bath this autumn and winter:

1. Portable Shower

This need not take up your entire boot. You can buy branded dog showers like the Mud Daddy or for a cheaper option have a look at garden sprayers like this one from Spear and Jackson. The pressure isn’t quite as good as the Mud Daddy but plenty good enough to rinse off muddy paws and tummies.

2. Car Hammock

We use these in all our vehicles and they really help protect the car seats. They have holes through which you can put your doggy seatbelts to attach and safely transport your dog. The hammocks can often be turned around and used as a boot liner if you prefer.

3. Doggy Towels

Step up your towel game with a doggy specific towel for after wet walks. These fit your wet dog perfectly and save your dog shaking all over you and your car. No more breaking your back to try and dry your dog either. Pop them on after the walk and by the time you are home and you take them off your dog is dry! We like the towels from Ruff and Tumble.

4. A Wet Weather Coat

There is a huge market of doggy clothing and accessories so it’s tricky to know what to go for. I prefer a coat that zips up or pulls on as those with Velcro often start to undo and drag on the floor when the mud and leaves stop the Velcro working. Some coats cover the dogs back to keep the rain off them but you can go a step further and get ones that cover the tummy and even the legs too! I love this waterproof jacket from Ruffwear

5. Dog Shampoo

After returning home from a wet and cold muddy walk, clean your dog with these eco friendly, plastic free shampoo bars from Peace With The Wild. Made with natural ingredients which is gentle on the skin of dogs and palm oil free, what’s not to love!