A KONG® is a durable rubber, super bouncy activity feeder.  A great source of enrichment and mental stimulation which gets your pets to work for their treats. It is made from natural rubber that is virtually indestructible and perfect for the avid chewer. Available in many sizes including an extreme version for the most powerful of jaws, softer ones for the Senior pooch and even a cat friendly version!

When should I use a KONG®?

  • When teaching your puppy to be home alone. The Kong will keep them busy while you sneak out and for long after.
  • In the evening during quiet/settle time.
  • For dogs that gobble their treats too quickly.
  • To get your pet to use their noses. Play indoors or out as a bouncy game where treats fly in random directions requiring your pet to use their sense of smell.
  • On hot days. Freeze your stuffed Kong and turn it into a pet friendly ice lolly to help them cool down and have fun!
  • To get your pet to use their brain. Your pet will have to think on their feet as they manipulate and manoeuvre their Kong to work out how to get the treats out.

What can I stuff my KONG® with?

You can stuff your KONG® with anything that is healthy, suitable for your pet to eat and that they enjoy! it doesn’t just have to be dog treats!! Think outside the box and change it up to keep it interesting:

Stuff with dry ingredients like Kibble, Plain Cheerios or Cooked Rice

Stuff with crunchy goodness like Apples, Rice Cakes or Dog Biscuits

Smear the inside with creamy yumminess like Peanut Butter

Mashed Banana, Yoghurt or Pumpkin Puree

Try superfoods like Carrots, Blueberries, Broccoli or Sweet Potatoes

Recipe Ideas!

  • Combine a ripe Banana, Peanut Butter and Cheese, blend, Stuff and Freeze
  • Combine Apple Sauce with chunks of Fruit
  • Mini roast dinner of Chicken, mashed Sweet potato and Broccoli
  • Combine Banana, small handful of Blueberries and Natural Yoghurt, Stuff and Freeze
  • Chicken or Beef stock, Fill Kong and Freeze
  • Cooked dried Liver chunks, Cooled Rice, Carrots and Peas


Healthy Treats examples that are suitable for your dog that you may have not thought of!

Apples                  Cantaloupe                         Eggs                       Peanut Butter    Spinach

Applesauce        Carrots                                 Green Beans      Peas                      Strawberries

Baby Food           Cauliflower                         Honey                   Pumpkin              Sweet Potato

Blueberries         Cheese                                 Kale                       Rice                        Watermelon

Broccoli                Cottage Cheese                 Oatmeal               Salmon                 Yoghurt

If trying any of the ingredients for the first time do make sure your pups aren’t allergic by testing in small quantities first. If giving as treat food, always give in moderation so you do not give your pup too much sugar which could disrupt their regular digestive system or cause weight gain if fed in excess. Make sure you have also selected the correct size Kong for your pet. Too small and they won’t be able to fit their tongues inside to retrieve the treat, it may be easily destroyed or worse a choking hazard. Too large and your pet won’t be able to hold or manipulate it correctly.

We have given you a little taster of ideas but there are so many Web pages, Pinterest boards and Facebook pages dedicated just to KONG® stuffing recipes. Try a few and share your best ideas with is by sharing them on our Facebook page.


There are a few different verities of Kong dispensers including Kong Wabblers for dry kibble, a classic Kong for more of the wet stuff, the Kong Gyro for more of a challenge… there is the right type of Kong out there for your dog. Lola pug has most of them and loves the variety and keeps meal and snack times interesting.