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Daycare FAQs

With daycare now open, we thought we would answer the most googled daycare questions, just incase we have missed anything! Are their separate areas for big dogs and small dogs? – There will be a separate puppy creche for the puppies, but we will separate the dogs into groups...

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What Is Puppy Socialisation?

The first 20 weeks of a puppy’s life is a crucial time for socialisation, as during this time they are more accepting of new experiences. But what does socialisation actually mean? Socialisation means positive interaction with other dogs, but this is only one aspect of socialisation. Socialisation is also...

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Dog

Struggling to find gift ideas for your pup? We’ve got you! We’ve compiled a list of websites/ shops with great gift ranges for dogs to save you the hassle. The Range- lots of festive toys, accessories and snacks. Amazon- next day delivery for last minute purchases Not...

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How To Keep Your Dog Safe In Cold Weather

Some breeds of dog with a thick double coat are built for the winter and fare well when the temperature drops but there are other dogs who do not. There are many other risky factors to keep in mind when walking your dog in cold weather. These are my...

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