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How To Keep Your Dog Safe On Winter Dog Walks

Some breeds of dog with a thick double coat are built for the winter and fare well when the temperature drops but there are other dogs who do not. There are many other risky factors to keep in mind when walking your dog in the winter. These are our...

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Extreme Weather Policy- Hot Paws!

When it comes to pet welfare T&T always consider weather conditions. Anything from Extreme cold, ice or snow, to extreme heat and sun. The coming days are due to be some of the hottest this year with highs of 28* and so heat stroke is a big concern for...

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Dog Identification Tags

As the summer days are getting hotter and hotter with no sign of cooling down, the trees, grass and fields are looking pretty dry and sparse which means all the lovely things to chase like rabbits and squirrels are more visible which means off lead pups are more likely...

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