Does My Dog Enjoy His Walks?

There may be things you worry about when you first join us.

How is my dog doing? Did he go out for a walk? Did he enjoy himself? Is he with suitable friends and did he get the full hour to run and play?

There is a great deal of trust involved in leaving someone new in charge of your home and your dog. Each day you book with us you will receive a ‘Feedback Update’ via email at the end of the day. Your feedback will include photos, GPS data and a written update so you know exactly how long your dog has been with us and how much fun they had! If they are with us for socialisation or training, you can look back over the feedback and see how far they have come. If you are away on holiday you can easily and reliably access your updates.

Your trust in us as well as your peace of mind are of greatest importance. While we always hope to form strong relationships with all our clients, we also provide you with geographic evidence that your dog walker was at your home and spent the requested time with your pets. The GPS data will be recorded on every visit/ walk and is saved on your account as well as emailed to you with feedback.

To get in touch and book your dog’s walks with us email us at