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**Our dog day care adventure spaces are currently full. We will reopen this on 1st of October 2019. Please get in touch if you require dog care from this time**

If you have a sociable dog who likes plenty of company then our Doggy Day Care Adventure Day is for you. We understand how busy life can be while juggling work commitments, children, life’s responsibilities and trying to provide our dogs with love and attention while you are not there. This is where we can help! Our Dog Day Care Adventure Days will take away the guilt and worry of leaving your dog at home.

In our care, they will play and socialise with other friendly dogs while being watched over by our experienced team. Day care can eliminate destructive and negative behaviours caused by boredom, loneliness and separation anxiety. What’s not to love!

You don’t even need to worry about taking them anywhere we will collect your dog and drop them home. They will be collected between 10:15am-10:45am and stay in our care until 2:30pm-3pm. We will tailor their day of fun to the most suitable dogs so they get the most from the day, they will explore lots of areas from Woodlands, Meadows, Fields and do all the things they love from ball play to swimming. We tailor the walks to the weather conditions and make sure they have a chance to rest as well as run, play and have lunch if they need it. For double the price of a 1 hour dog walk you get hours of company, care, exercise and fun! We also offer bulk package options to reduce the cost per day.

*Please note Day Care Adventure Days are available Monday-Friday only and we require your dog to join us at least once a week to ensure they are settled (dog walks or day-care).

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No we don’t. Our doggy day care runs Monday- Friday only. If you need us at the weekend to care for your dog then don’t worry we can schedule dog walks and pet sitting visits to cover your plans.

No. Doggy day care is for sociable, neutered and vaccinated dogs only. We assess each dog at a meet and greet to ensure they will enjoy themselves and fit in well with the other dogs. We cannot accept any dogs that will disrupt the group.

Yes! Once your puppy is fully vaccinated they are very welcome to join the fun. Please bear in mind that it can be a long day for a little one. We will however, always give them the chance to nap and have lunch during the day. A requirement of day care is that dogs are neutered. We will expect your pup to be neutered/ spayed by the time they are 10 months old. We reserve the right to remove any dog from the group if they start to hump other dogs or display dominant behaviour.