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Our luxury doggy daycare centre lives in the Farm House at White House Farm in Sprowston just a few minutes from riverside in Norwich or from the NDR making access a breeze.

Our custom-designed doggy heaven is licensed by Broadland District Council with a 5 star rating (license number DDO2) and is the current UK’s best daycare centre for dogs (Pet Industry Federation Awards 2022 and 2023).

Our centre features:

  • pawprint-bullet2Nurturing environment with extensive indoor and outside space, bespoke natural play equipment (not plastic) to build intelligence, confidence and happiness levels!

  • pawprint-bullet3Open for a ten hour day between 8 am-6 pm Monday to Friday with flexible collection and drop off times.

  • pawprint-bullet3 Transport available for dogs in NR1 -NR4 and NR7.

  • pawprint-bullet1Agility, paddling pools, training, scent work and more each day.

  • pawprint-bullet2Daily group naptime with relaxing music to allow the dogs to rest.


Wagging Tails
1 day per week

doggy daycare

Expert dog care
Easy mobile app
Dog Enrichment and Development
Daily Photos
Flexibility to swap your day*
Exclusive group for behind the scenes action
Free quarterly social events

2-3 days per week

doggy daycare

Expert dog care
Easy mobile app
Dog Enrichment and Development
Daily Photos
Flexibility to swap your day*
Exclusive group for behind the scenes action
Free quarterly social events
Discounted pick up and drop off
Free nail checks and trims

Ultimate Explorers
4-5 days per week

doggy daycare

All of the membership perks
15% of all grooming services or memberships
15% off retail in store and online

*subject to availability, within 2 months.

Here's how we're different

Our award-winning doggy day care centre is committed to your dog’s total well-being. Unlike traditional dog care services, we offer an approach that caters to your furry friend’s physical and mental needs. Our USP lies in:

  1. Holistic Well-being: We go beyond mere dog-sitting to ensure that your dog experiences a total sense of well-being. Our expert staff is trained to nurture not only their physical health but also their mental and emotional needs.
  2. Enrichment Programs: Our facility offers a wide range of enrichment activities and mental stimulation exercises that keep your dog engaged, happy, and intellectually challenged. From trick of the month to interactive playtime, we provide an environment that promotes mental growth.
  3. Tailored Care: Each dog is unique, and we recognise that. We provide personalised care plans for every dog, ensuring that their specific physical and mental requirements are met. Whether your dog needs extra playtime or a calm, cozy corner for relaxation, we’ve got it covered.
  4. Trained Staff: Our team comprises certified dog trainers and behaviorists who are passionate about canine well-being. They understand the importance of mental health for dogs and are dedicated to creating a safe, positive, and stimulating environment.
  5. Award-Winning Excellence: Our dedication to doggy well-being has been recognised with local and national awards, underlining our commitment to setting industry standards for dog care in the UK.

Choose our doggy day care centre for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring your dog’s physical and mental health are in excellent hands.


Do you need a license for a doggy daycare centre?

Yes. All doggy daycares must be licensed by the local council. We have strict guidelines to follow in terms of space per dog (inside and out), heating, shelter, comfort, storing food, qualifications for staff, dog to staff ratios the list goes on. We recommend you choose a centre with all of the above and most importantly ask for information about the license. Ours is 5 star.

Are there separate areas for big dogs and small dogs?

Yes we have three indoor areas and three outside areas so we are able to put similar play styles, ages and sizes of dog together. Your dog will be matched to whom they are most comfortable.

Do all outside areas have high secure fencing?

Yes. Our outside areas are entirely secure with otter fencing, which is 1.8 metres and completely escape-proof!

Are you allowed to visit your dog anytime during the day?

No, unfortunately, to keep the daycare running smoothly, safe and calm for the dogs, our drop-off times are strictly between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM, and pick-ups will be between 16:00 and 18:00 PM. You will be sent an email at the end of each day with a photo so you know how much fun was had. You will also be invited to join our VIPP lounge (for very important pet parents). This is our private Facebook group and here we post events, tips, news and updates and most improtantly lots of pictures daily so you can see what your dog is getting up to.

Does our facility offer tours before coming for an assessment?

Yes, we offer tours but only in the evenings at 6 PM when no dogs are in the daycare. If you have an assessment morning booked, we will show you around when you drop your dog off. Please watch our videos on our instagram page for more insight into life at the centre and what the facilities look like (@tomandtoto)

Is there an emergency veterinary clinic on call in case of a medical emergency?

Yes, we are registered at Taverham Veterinary surgery. We are all canine first aid trained and can care for dogs with any minor scrape or illness. In the case of any medical emergency, you will be contacted, and your dog will be taken straight to the surgery.

How are daycare membership fees calculated?

We offer memberships in three levels. They provides you with the 5 star daycare services for 51 weeks of the year (with one week off for everyone at Christmas). The annual cost is spread evenly across the year in 12 equal monthly payments. E.g for one day per week your monthly payment is calculated as follows: £45 x 51 / 12 months= £191.25

What if i don't need a session?

Its in your dog’s best interest for them to attend every week. They thrive on routine and become much happier more settled dogs. Membership fees are payable in full each month to retain your dog’s space. 

We don’t offer refunds for days missed, but instead you can reschedule a day due to human holidays, vet visits, or other reasons to an alternate day within two months (*subject to availability). We know things come up, and we want to stay flexible.

The membership system will give you the security of keeping your dog’s daycare space and give you flexibility in your membership, when required. 

What kind of training does our staff receive?

All our staff has canine behaviour, dog body language, multiple dog management, and first aid training, along with at least two years of experience working in the animal industry. We have qualified dog trainers, groomers, behaviourists, and canine first aid instructors in our current team. Most of our team have worked for Tom and Toto as dog walkers for a few years. Together, we have cared for dogs since 2013.

Will dogs be supervised at all times?

Absolutely, dogs will be supervised at all times, including nap times. To ensure appropriate, safe, and positive interactions, we have a strict staff ratio to dogs and ensure we have sufficient staff to cover breaks.

What do we do if there is a dog fight?

Not every dog will enjoy daycare, some don’t like that many friends which is fine and for those dogs we can offer group walks with a couple of friends. We want all dogs that attend to be relaxed and have fun so vet all dogs thoroughly before they join and during thier settling in session. Despite the best supervision, care, and training, dogs occasionally disagree. To minimise the risks of any fights, our staff will consistently monitor the dogs and put them in suitable groups with friends. Should a squabble occur, we will be there to move them apart within seconds. We can try dogs in other groups and areas with several different play spaces available to ensure all dogs get along.