Enrich Your Dog’s Life- Scatter Feeding

Dogs generally take great pleasure in eating. Scatter feeding is a way to enlongate your dog’s meal times by scattering their food over a wide area such as around your garden or house and provide mental stimulation at the same time.

• It slows down feeding for dogs that guzzle their meals.
• As a low arousal activity it can calm highly strung or stressed dogs.
• It engages your dog’s brain and helps teach them to focus for longer periods of time.
• It engages their sense of smell. They will have to rely on their nose to sniff out individual piece of kibble in the lawn.
• It is relaxing for dogs. Sniffing actually lowers the heart rate.
• Scatter feeding engages the brain and provides mental stimulation.

We take our dog Red’s kibble and scatter it all across the garden in the morning and evening. She will spend up to 20 minutes sniffing out one small handful. In the evening she sniffs it out in the dark adding an element of difficulty.

• Scatter feeding is a great garden activity to give your dog while you are cooking, and should keep them from following you around the kitchen!
• Scatter feed during family mealtimes to stop your dog learning to sit by chairs and begging for scraps.
• While on a walk! If play becomes too boisterous, you have a ball obsessed dog or you just want to reduce the energy levels a little- scatter a few small pieces of something tasty into long grass and watch your dog’s attention divert quickly away from the activity you don’t want and into sniffing.