Exciting New Initiative: Workplace Wellbeing Dog Walks and Visits with Tom and Toto

The recent success of our Wellbeing Dog Walks for UEA students in Norwich has spurred an influx of requests for our health and morale boosting dog walks from other companies. In a world where demands are constant and poor mental health is increasing, we are so excited to announce that we can now offer the opportunity for your business to book a workplace dog walk or visit with our carefully selected, behaviour-assessed and very fabulous dogs.

  1. Treat your staff to a regular weekly lunchtime or post-work pack walk to blow away those cobwebs and clear the mind (1 hour).
  2. Our dogs are also available for a one-off pack walk as part of a team-building event (1/2 hours).
  3. If time away from the office is difficult, we can bring the dogs to you! Workplace visits give your staff time out to stroke and engage with a calming, friendly, non-judgemental doggie (1 hour).

happy dog

It is well documented that time with animals, particularly dogs, can have a hugely positive impact on wellbeing. Walking dogs means exercise, fresh air, connecting with nature…all physically nurturing activities. Continued research is also demonstrating the impact the companionship of a dog can have on our daily emotional and psychological stresses.

Some of the benefits this unique initiative can bring to your staff are:
Stress, Anxiety and Depression Relief
Social Connection
Lots of wagging tails and smiling faces!

This in turn will lead to happier, healthier, connected staff and improved productivity – plus the opportunity for you to demonstrate that you are an employer of choice. If your team would benefit from some canine company our Wellbeing Coordinator Suzy Copping is available to tell you more. Email wellbeing@tomandtoto.co.uk

Don’t just take our word for it… here is feedback from those already involved in our Wellbeing Programme:


“My university UEA was granted some money to help tackle mental health. Just having an hour long walk, cuddling and playing with the dogs and giving them treats has had such a positive impact on how I have felt all day. I can’t stop smiling thinking about the dogs I got to play with earlier and I hope this sort of scheme gets to pop up at other places round the county soon, it was fantastic!” Bethan Addison, UEA


“I can’t stress this enough: BEST DAY EVER!!!! Thank you Tom and Toto!” Jess Wise, UEA


“Paddy the Labrador regularly visits our busy sales office. His presence always lifts the mood of the team, and we love to see him. He creates a sense of calm and connection, and always makes time to come and say hello to us all.” Mark, Sales, A & W Cushion Ltd.


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Do your staff need a morale boost? What better way to bring your team together than with dogs! Get in touch with our Wellbeing Coordinator Suzy Copping on wellbeing@tomandtoto.co.uk to sign up.