Extreme Weather Policy- Hot Paws!

Extreme Weather Policy- Hot Paws!

When it comes to pet welfare T&T always consider weather conditions. Anything from Extreme cold, ice or snow, to extreme heat and sun.

The coming days are due to be some of the hottest this year with highs of 28* and so heat stroke is a big concern for our dogs.

What does this mean for Dog walks and Day care?

Groups will be kept small to minimise travel time in the car. This means we may not be able to accommodate all requests for additional walks so get your requests in quickly!

Walks and doggy daycare will be undertaken in shady areas that have rivers/ponds for dogs to swim in and cool down.

No excessive running or ball play in the heat. Chilled out walks for your dogs with rest spots for those that feel the need.

Walks and day care may be made slightly shorter if we think the temperatures are just too much for the dogs or we see any struggling. We will let you know if this happens on your feedback report and add the extra time next suitable time we see your dog.

A total ban on curb walks to prevent paw burn. If your dog is booked in for a solo walk or 30 min mini visit, we will not walk them directly from your home. Garden time is the alternative where possible.

The team have lots of water on hand and carry it with them while walking your dog.

If your dog has a cool coat or collar, please leave them out for the walker with instructions for use.

We will keep your dogs as cool as possible in the vehicles and one way is to use damp towels for the dogs to lay on. Because of this we may run out of dry towels so please leave a towel out for your dog at home in case they have been for a swim.

At home please keep curtains and blinds closed in sunny rooms to keep your dog and other pets cool.

Dogs may drink more after walks/daycare fun on hot days so please leave a large enough water bowl.

Freeze their treats! These also help cool your dog down. Leave us a note if you’ve put anything for them in the freezer (carrots/ sweet potato/ filled kongs are fab).

With these steps in place your dogs be safe in the heat and enjoy their time with their friends

If you have any questions or concerns do let us know via email on [email protected]

Enjoy the sun!