How Do I Stop My Dog Feeling Bored? The Trixie Snake

How Do I Stop My Dog Feeling Bored? The Trixie Snake

There are many ways to stop your dog from feeling bored from increasing their walks to scent enrichment or training activities. I will cover all these in separate blogs.

Today’s blog is about the Trixie Snake! This £5 toy from Amazon has been invaluable for keeping my puppy amused. It can be used in different ways to keep the magic alive!

The Trixie Snake is a plastic snake with a squeaky head and a hollow middle. Ideal for filling with yummy treats to keep your dog amused. The dog can then shake it or chew it to release the food. I put Goose’s mealtime kibble in there as it makes it last a lot longer.

You could put a smear of peanut butter inside it, some mashed banana, sweet potato or some natural plain yoghurt. You could go all out and put that in the freezer so it lasts even longer!

The toy alone keeps Goose amused as it wiggles and squeaks so often he’s just happy running about with it in his mouth or I play tug with him and the snake.

It’s great to have options in your arsenal to keep your dog from being bored. Especially at the moment when we aren’t able to travel as far as we’d like. Rotate the toys and activities often and keep them in a box away from your dog. If they sit about on the floor all day they lose their power. Bring out one or two at a time and your dog will be as excited as when you first gave it to them. Keep your eyes peeled for more activity ideas coming soon!