How We Support Your Dogs On Walks

We previously spoke about What are good doggy manners? but did you know we also have a process in place to support your dog get the most out of group walks and day care adventures if we feel they are struggling to settle in. We go the extra mile for your dogs!

  1. If your dog is young and still learning doggy manners we will pair them with appropriate dogs to help their journey. Young dogs can learn great manners from walking with mature and well-respected dogs.
  2. If an adult dog isn’t settled we will try to find them a group of dogs they are happier in. Some are happier in groups with lower energy. Some are happier in groups with larger breeds of dog. We also change the location if for example a dog is calmer walking in fields than in woods. They may also be better walking at a different time of day
  3. We recommend your dog joins a group walk instead of day care during this time. If you have a long working day we can arrange a 3pm pop in so they are not left too long. We also require that they attend at least one regular walk per week.
  4. We will try various permutations for your dog to see if they can settle in the right group for a period of either 10 walks or one month (the longer of the two depending on how many times per week we see your dog).
  5. Emma Misri, our Assistant Manager has worked with the Tom and Toto dogs for the past five years and is very experienced at helping dogs settle in group situations. She uses positive reinforcement methods only to guide the dogs and teach them acceptable ways to behave in a group situation and help build their doggy manners. She will help your dog on their walks during this time by either walking them herself or by joining your dog’s walker.
  6. If, after either 10 walks or one month we believe that your dog has not been able to progress sufficiently to be walking with three other dogs then they are not ‘group ready’ and we will recommend you to a 121 dog walker (as we do not provide this service) or can offer you an alternate time of the day (9am or 3pm).
  7. We are happy to re-evaluate dogs who are not group ready at a later date should you wish for them to re-join us. We will begin the reintroduction process with a 121-solo walk alongside a group walk so we can see how they interact with the other dogs. 

Not all dogs are ‘group walk’ dogs. Some prefer the quieter life and we want to make sure each dogs in cared for in the right way. We will never keep a dog in a group with others if they aren’t enjoying themselves or are struggling to fit in.