Join Our Puppy Play Group!

We hope to kick off our puppy socialisation sessions in a couple of weeks and are finalising two outdoor, secure venues on the north and south side of Norwich for your puppies to play safely.

Over the last three months it has been difficult for young dogs to socialise so we want to help by providing a safe location and our trained team to help the dogs interact positively. We will structure the sessions to include plently of play but also some essential training commands including focus work and recall to help you feel confident to let your dog play off lead.

Socialisation also includes allowing your dog to explore new environments and have new experiences which will help them grow in confidence. Different people, different dog breeds, mud, grass, rain, wind, puddles, new noises are all important to experience.

We will also be on hand to help with any questions you have about your puppy and can help with diet and nutrition, equipment and behaviour and training.

The play dates are a block of 6 weeks of 1hr sessions and cost £40. The groups are limited to 6 dogs per group so we can safely socially distance ourselves and only one owner will be able attend each week.

If you have a puppy who would benefit from a play group and socialisation please get in touch HERE