New Pet Care Team Member: Hazel!

New Pet Care Team Member: Hazel!

Please give a warm welcome to the very fantastic Hazel. We met her one Summers day in Marston Marsh with her two children and two dogs. She had seen us here several times before and approached us as she noted ‘we always look very happy and so do our dogs’ (thank you Hazel we love what we do very much!)

In actual fact we met her while she was open water swimming in the river with her family in the Marsh!! So we have no concerns about her ability to get stuck in and work outdoors in all conditions. She inquired about a position with the company and once her children returned to school this September we could begin our training programme with her.

Want to know more…

“I’m Hazel and I’ve always loved animals. My childhood pets consisted only of stick insects and a guinea pig though so, like my colleague Jo, I had an imaginary dog…

Since then I’ve had cats and dogs, and helped look after all kinds of animals for friends – including chickens, cats, dogs, puppies, fish and numerous small furries. I live with my husband, two children and two dogs – Stan a lovely crossbreed rescue who we’ve had for 11 years and Thunder another rescue who is a beautiful 2 year old lurcher.

Stan is deaf, although he does hear some high pitched noises so I communicate with him using sign language.

I love the therapeutic benefits of living with animals and I would always choose to be outside over inside. I’m loving working at Tom and Toto, meeting so many of you and your pets and making sure they are happy and well looked after.”