Overnight Pet Care

Overnight Pet Care

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Our most trusted overnight pet sitters are available to provide care for your pets in the comfort of your home. If you want the very best for your pet then this service is for you. Your pet will receive expert care and attention. They will be able to relax at home and continue life in their usual routine in your absence. You will remain in touch with your pet sitter as they send you updates, pictures and videos as often as you like.

All of our overnight pet sitters are DBS police checked, canine first aid certified and covered by our insurance. They are experienced with many breeds and species of pet. They are all employees of the company, we do not subcontract work out.

What’s involved in overnight pet care? We will:

  • Continue with your normal daily routine
  • Keep in touch with you via text or email
  • Feed your pets their usual diet at the right time
  • While caring for dogs we will walk them EITHER on a one-to-one basis OR if they enjoy the company of others they can join our group dog walks at a reduced rate!
  • Administer medication and perform health checks
  • Care for elderly and young animals
  • Provide care for all species of pet and livestock
  • Water your plants, put the bins out, collect post and provide security for your home

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Our overnight charge is one price. The overnight pet sit runs from 5pm-9am. Your requirements during the day may vary depending on the pets you have and so are charged accordingly.

e.g. Cats may not require any company during the day. You may have one dog that loves to play with others- he can join us for a group walk at a reduced rate. You might have three aviaries, four dogs that prefer 121 care and a horse that needs checking regularly. We can’t wait to meet all of your pets and will base your quotation on our daytime requirements.

As many as you need! We are available for overnight care for one night only or for your three week holiday. Please get in touch as soon as you arrange your travel plans as availability is limited during peak holiday times.

We understand that you and your pets get used to one person staying in your home so where possible we will ensure the same sitter is booked for your holiday. We cannot however promise that your usual sitter will always be available when you want to go away. Some of our clients book a year in advance to make sure they get their primary sitter. Do not worry if your usual sitter is not available. All the Tom and Toto team are fantastic and equally as qualified to care for your pets.