About me

I’m Emma, Assistant Manager at Tom and Toto Pet Care. I have worked alongside Sarah for the last 3 years and have loved every minute of it. Tom and Toto is more than a ‘job’ to me, it’s a way of life. I have lived all my life around animals of all shapes and sizes including African Grey Parrots, Siamese and Persian cats, a rescue Whitetail Deer Fawn, goats, and 7 German Shepherd Dogs (Yes 7, all at one time!) including my last amazing boy Leo. I have volunteered around dogs, cats, livestock and horses to name but a few.

I currently have a rescue cat called Gracie and an adopted Pug called Lola, who is a local feature on the majority of Tom and Toto pack walks and socialisation sessions.

I have completed the first year and a half of BSc Animal Science and Welfare at Easton College, become Canine First Aid trained, and am currently undertaking various online training courses in Behaviour, Training, Welfare, Nutrition and Caring for various species while keeping up to date with the latest Animal Academic Journals, Studies and Sciences.

Key to my love of animals is safeguarding their welfare and instilling core training skills all while having a positive environment and making sure they have fun in the process.