About Me

I’m Sarah, the Owner and Director of Tom and Toto Ltd. The journey that lead me to where you will find me today in Tom and Toto HQ began in 2005 with several wildlife conservation projects in Mexico, Australia and South Africa. I lived and trained as a Safari Guide in the Kruger National Park, South Africa and I led big 5 safaris on foot as well as off road. After returning to the UK a couple of years later I qualified as an Animal Keeper at Woburn Safari Park where I specialised in large Carnivores; lions and tigers, bears and wolves (oh my!) In 2012 I returned to Norwich with plans to use my experience to create a set of services for pets.

 I have cared for all manner of companion, exotic and livestock species and have a national qualification in Animal Management, Canine First Aid, have trained as a dog trainer and most recently qualified as a Dog Day Care Trainer. I am thrilled to be able to offer reward based, positive reinforcement puppy training and socialisation through Tom and Toto.

We offer the best pet care in Norwich and I am so proud of our fantastic pet care team. I created the company to ensure animals are cared for in the way I would want my own pets cared for. We provide the highest standard of welfare, a reassuringly reliable service and I can’t wait to speak to you about your pets!