About me

I’m Suzy, I have joined Tom and Toto as I really want a job that I enjoy, that gets me out and about in the fresh air and means I spend time with animals. I have volunteered my free time to walk dogs for a national charity that supports the elderly and infirm to maintain their pet ownership since 2003 – to now have the opportunity to be employed to do what I enjoy as a pastime is great!

I love all animals but particularly dogs – I am a firm believer in the therapeutic and calming influence they provide. I have my own dog Paddy, who we adopted aged 7 in 2015. He is a black Labrador, and is such a gentle presence that I registered him as a PAT dog. Together we have visited nurseries, prisons and health organisations to share his ability to provide soothing companionship to all he meets. He often calls in at the family timber firm to offer similar comfort – he particularly likes to go at ten o’clock tea break, I’ve noticed. My elderly cat Roxy – who came to live with us as an adult cat in 2000 –  is less sociable, but we love her just the same! Oh, and we are parents to two human children as well. See you all soon!