About me


I’m Vicki and I am really thrilled to work for Tom and Toto. I left my previous career working in an office to fulfil a lifelong dream of working with and looking after animals.

My love of animals started at a very early age and I grew up with many different types of pets, from dogs and cats to hamsters, birds, goldfish and even stick insects! I have ridden horses for years and volunteered at a cat rescue while at school.

 I live in Norwich in organised chaos with my family consisting of my husband, 3 sons, cockapoo called Dexter, two cats Aggie and Wilbur, an ever-increasing flock of chickens (too many to name) and three goldfish. If that wasn’t a full enough household we often have extra guests as family members regularly leave their furry friends with us when they go away.

I love meeting all the animals that Tom and Toto care for and of course their owners!