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Do you need a trustworthy and experienced Norwich pet sitter? Our pet sitter service is available in Norwich and the surrounding areas to care for and feed all your pets every day of the year. Leave your pets at home to relax in the comfort of their own environment and we will come to them.

We don’t only feed cats! We look after rabbits, aviaries, chickens, ducks, tortoises, small furries and even fish! Our pet sitting is not timed. We stay as long as it takes to make sure your pets are happy and healthy. Your pet sitter will also send you as many updates as you would like while you are away so you can expect plenty of photos and videos so you know how they are doing.

We will take care of everything for you:

  • Collect the post away from the door
  • Open and close the curtains
  • Switch on and off lights
  • Put your bins out on the right days
  • Water house plants and veggie patches
  • Provide security for your home

Want to know more? Read our FAQ’s below:

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as comforting as our service


No! We work every single day of the year. Holidays and weekends are our busiest times. We actually love seeing your pets on Christmas Day.

Yes we can. Our pet care team have been fully trained to administer most common medications and are experienced and caring when it comes to handling your pets. We have several pets with epilepsy, diabetes and other lifelong conditions that we are trusted to monitor and medicate.

No. We require two working house keys from each client which we collect at the meet and greet. We retain keys in our office safe for future visits (no charge) and label them with only your pets name for security. Collecting and then returning keys before and after a booking adds a layer of unnecessary complexity for both you and us. Our employees must be paid for their time and travel to pick up or deliver keys, therefore, we charge for this service for those clients requesting their keys.

Those wishing to have their keys returned have two options:

  • A team member will personally pick up or return your keys – Charge: 1 pet sitting visit.
  • You may pick your keys up or drop them off from our office – No Charge.

*We cannot leave keys in your home after the last visit because we may need to get back into your home if you get delayed.

We only accept online card payment for our services. We take your security very seriously and your details are safe with us. When you register with us and add your pet’s routine, please also add a credit/debit card to your account. To do this, just click ‘card settings’, add your payment details and save them to your account.

Pet Sitting bookings will be invoiced in advance of your holiday and payment is due by the day you travel.

For all advance booked holiday pet sitting:
• 0 – 72 hours prior to any advance booked service: payment in full is charged (no refunds)
• 3 – 7 days prior to service: 30% of service total is due (equals an 70% refund)
• 8 days prior to service or more: no charge, refund in full.

All of our team are GPS tracked which means they ‘check in’ when they arrive at your home and ‘check out’ when they leave. This leaves a geographical stamp on your account so you know your sitter was there when you asked and for the duration required. This information will be emailed to you daily along with photos of your pets and a write up of how they are doing.

When you join Tom and Toto you and your pets will have their own account so you can tell us all about their feeding regime and care plan. Once you are registered with us you can use book visits quickly and easily from your phone or computer with our online booking system. Our office team will receive your requests and we will book your pet visits in within the day! If you need us urgently just call the office on 01603 927272 and we will do our best to help out.

Of course- and we offer a discount for two visits per day. Some pets like chickens and cats require morning and afternoon visits. Some need medication at certain times. Others are happy to relax at home and be visited once a day. We will follow your lead so just let us know and we will be there.