Puppies With Tom & Toto

Taking care of your new arrival


Before your puppy is old enough to head out with friends in public spaces, we offer pre-vaccination puppy visits at home to give your puppy company while you are out. We will feed your puppy their lunch, clean up any accidents and can help with toilet and basic obedience training.

Once your puppy is vaccinated we recommend they come and join our puppy playgroup. Those first few months are important and your puppy should experience as much as possible. By spending time with our temperament tested friendly dogs your puppy will learn how to socialise with our experienced staff to guide them. They will learn valuable life skills and grow into confident and well-adjusted adult dogs. Puppies love playing together and our groups are so much fun for young dogs!

We collect all the dogs and drop them home after an hours play and can feed them lunch on return if needed. We will not over-exercise your puppy as their tender ligaments and muscles grow and will never pavement walk them. They will play in safe locations with their doggy friends under the watchful eyes of our team.

After play group comes group walks where your puppy will spend time with older calm friendly dogs which is so important for puppies. They learn great manners and calm lead walking skills from the older dogs. Puppies are welcome to attend daycare from 8 months old.


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