Taking care of your new




Before your puppy is old enough to head out with friends in public spaces, we offer pre-vaccination puppy visits at home to give your puppy company while you are out.

Once your puppy is vaccinated we recommend they come and join our Social Club. Those first few months are important and your puppy should experience as much as possible. By spending time with our temperament tested friendly dogs your puppy will learn how to socialise with our experienced staff to guide them. They will learn valuable life skills and grow into confident and well-adjusted adult dogs. 

Alongside attending the Social Club with your puppy we recommend a group walk. Here your puppy will spend time with older calm, friendly dogs, which is essential for puppies. They learn excellent manners and calm on and off lead walking skills from the older dogs. This is a great opportunity for your puppy to have fun without you and avoid separation anxiety. 

We collect all the dogs and drop them home after an hours walk and can feed them lunch on return if needed. We will not over-exercise your puppy as their tender ligaments and muscles grow and will never pavement walk them. They will play in safe locations with their doggy friends under the watchful eyes of our team

Once your puppy reaches 8 months old they are welcome to attend our Doggy Daycare Centre in Sprowston and are old enough for a longer day of fun!


What do we offer for your puppy and you as a new dog owner?

We offer puppy orientation sessions for brand new owners. These are 2 hour home based sessions to set you up to succeed with your new puppy. Adivce on training, diet, equipment and everything in between is included. Join the Social Club with your puppy once vaccinated to play with other dogs in the daycare garden or join a group walk without you and then from 8 months old, they can join daycare!

Can I book my puppy in for a walk straight away?

Yes, as long as they are fully vaccinated and 12 weeks of age. The walk will be tailored to your puppy and not too strenuous, with plenty of sniffing and taking in the surroundings as we don’t want them to over-exert themselves! We will offer a free meet and greet to meet your walker and get to know them and allow your puppy to build some confidence with them.

What is included in a home visit?

Home visits are usually an hour. Visits will include some puppy playtime, garden time, feeding, and anything else you require us to do to keep their usual routine!

What is a socialisation playgroup session like?

The playgroups usually consist of six puppies, with two members of staff. The aim is to introduce puppies to the world, allow them to have fun, and build confidence. They get to meet new breeds while learning critical social skills like impulse control and basic obedience.

How do we take puppy care payments?

We accept online card payments for all our services. When you register with us and add your pet’s routine, please add a credit/debit card to your account. Invoices are sent via email and the system will automatically take payment from your nominated credit/debit card the next working day.



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How Much Exercise Does My Puppy Need?

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What Is The Social Club And Why Do I Need It?

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Socialising your puppy

The first 20 weeks of a puppy’s life is a crucial time for socialisation, as during this time they are more accepting of new experiences. The socialisation 'window' is usually around 3-12 weeks. You won't be able to get your puppy until they are at least eight weeks...

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