The Social club is a monthly paid membership for you and your dog. Hourly sessions run every Saturday in our daycare centre garden and up to 15 dogs can attend each hour (supervised by you) across the three garden areas.

9am Small breeds and puppies 
10am Medium breeds
11am Large breeds

The membership costs £35 per dog per month and is the perfect way to bring more fun into your dog’s life! With secure fencing, temperament tested dogs and our team to supervise the fun your dog will absolutely LOVE coming to play with their friends each week and exploring the equipment off lead. 

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Why use the social club?

  • pawprint-bullet1Secure play area for the dogs to be off lead
  • pawprint-bullet1Play equipment for the dogs- tunnels, platforms, agility equipment, tractor tyres, sand pit and paddling pools in summer (lots more fun than just a walk)
  • pawprint-bullet2Temperament tested dogs so only friendly dogs to play with
  • pawprint-bullet1All ages welcome (puppies as soon as fully vaccinated)
  • pawprint-bullet2Access to use the dog parkour room!
  • pawprint-bullet1Extra activities monthly like scent trails, hide and seek and trick of the month
  • pawprint-bullet2Staffed with an experienced member of the Tom and Toto team
  • pawprint-bullet1Numbers of dogs limited each session to provide plenty of space for the dogs
  • pawprint-bullet2Half an acre of fenced secure playground (split into 3 areas)
  • pawprint-bullet1Become part an exclusive friendly community with extra training and support.

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How does it work?

The Tom and Toto Social Club runs every Saturday between 9am and 1pm. Sessions are one hour and run on the hour. You pay one monthly fee of £35 per dog by direct debit and can bring them to a play session every Saturday! We have space for up to 15 dogs per hour. You will be invited to a private Facebook group where you can book your sessions each week. 

Are there separate areas for big dogs and small dogs?

Yes. With three areas in the garden, we can put similar play styles together and match your dog to whom they are most comfortable with. The sessions also tend to run as follows:

9am small breeds and puppies

10am medium breeds

11am large breeds

What if you can’t a session one week?

We have priced the membership so that you shouldn’t feel the pressure to attend every week. Life happens so if you can’t make it one week, we will miss you and see you the next week. 

Can I just pay for one session?

No. We recommend you join for at least a couple of months to allow your dog to settle in and make friends. At £30 per month its worth staying and making the most of it.

Is there a discount for a second dog?

Yes the cost for two dogs is £50 per month.

Do you have high secure fencing?

Yes! Our outside areas are completely secured with otter fencing, it is 1.8 metres and completely escape-proof!

Are you allowed to bring your dog to any session?

Yes! Once they are a part of the social club they can attend any session. Bear in mind the typical sizes for each session-

9am smalls

10am mediums

11am larges

You may attend any session but if you have a tiny dog and bring them to a session with predominantly Golden Retrievers they may not get the most out of their time.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your dog on lead, poo bags and treats. Please take all poo bags away with you at the end of the session. Please do not bring balls, there will be enough going on already so no need to throw balls.

Does the social club offer tours before signing up?

If you are unsure about joining please email us on to arrange a trial session.

Can any dog join the social club?

We welcome all dogs that are fully vaccinated and neutered (or chemically castrated) if over the age of one. Puppies may join as soon as they have had their vaccinations. All dogs must be people and dog friendly, and they will be assessed at their first session to make sure they will enjoy themselves and enjoy the company of the other dogs and owners. Any dog displaying anti social behaviour (stalking, aggressive displays, persistent humping, persistent barking, lunging etc) will be asked to leave. 

Do I stay with my dog?

Yes please do stay with your dog and be social too! We have a member of staff on site to watch over the dogs but they remain your responsibility to watch.

Will dogs be supervised?

Your dog remains your responsibility so please keep an eye on them and interact with them. We have a member of the team on hand to assist if needed.

How many dogs will be at each session?

To ensure appropriate, safe and positive interactions, we will allow a maximum of 15 dogs per session. These will also be split acros the 3 sections in the daycare so there is more than enough space for everyone.

What do we do if there is a dog fight?

To minimise the risks of any fights happening we always do our initial assessment for every dog that comes to the social club on their first session. Despite the best of supervision, care and training, occasionally dogs may disagree. We have 4 different play spaces available so we can try dogs in different groups and areas to make sure all dogs get on. As the dogs are always monitored should a squabble occur we will be there within seconds to move them apart. Any dog that is not suited to the social club will be asked to leave.

How do I cancel?

We require a months’ notice to cancel so if you decide you no longer want to be a part of the club email us on 

We are looking forward to welcoming you and your dog to the social club!