Soggy Doggies and Mucky Pups

Soggy Doggies and Mucky Pups

Winter is officially here!! We have had lots of very heavy down pours and muddy puddle adventures out on group walks and daycare this week… not that the dogs have minded… well most of them!

Now that there will be more cold and wet days which means there is a greater chance of your dog getting abit wet and muddy. In order for us to give you the best service possible, please ensure that your dog is winter ready.


On Walks

Coat and fleeces: Ensure your dog has a waterproof clothing of some kind like a coat or Aquafleece to minimise them absorbing the rain so they do not sit damp at home post walk, even though we do our best to get them dry, we do not want them to get poorly.

ID tag: The weather is very unpredictable in winter with sudden down pours, thunderstorms, heavy wind and darker days, make sure your dog has a valid ID tag attached to their collar or harness for walks.

Lights, torches and high viz: Now that the morning and evenings are darker, we are still always here to support you when you need, however make sure your dog can be seen during the darker hours. We endeavour to keep them as safe as possible and they will not be let off lead in the dark.


Post Walks

Washing instructions: If you your dog needs a little wash- it is inevitable in this weather most days, please update your washing instructions on your pet portal or let us know in the office with how you would like us to clean your dog, be it outside with a hose, in the bathroom or just to dry them and not wash at all.

Facilities: Ensure all washing facilities are in working order and are easily accessible to the walker and muddy pup.

Towels: We do carry a couple of towels in the cars to ensure the dogs get an immediate post walk quick dry, but we are not able to hold a towel for all the soggy doggies. To help us look after your pup, make sure your dog has suitable towels for their size and the amount of water they absorb. We will give your dogs a good rub down post walk to ensure they are not dripping wet.

Routine: If you would like us to leave your dog in a different location to the usual if they are damp, please let us know where, what you would like us to do with their wet gear& towels and if you would like us to leave them with a particular light or lamp on.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Brrr is it spring yet!!

Emma x