Doggy Day Care With Tom & Toto

it's a dog's life


If you have a sociable dog who likes hours of company then our Doggy Day Care Adventures are for them! We understand life is busy juggling work, children, life’s responsibilities and trying to provide dogs with the love and attention they need. We take away the guilt and worry of leaving your dog at home.

Your dog will play and socialise with other friendly dogs while being watched over by our experienced team. We help eliminate destructive and negative behaviours caused by boredom, loneliness and separation anxiety. What’s not to love!

You don’t even need to worry about dropping them off. We collect your dog and drop them home. They will be collected between 10:15am-10:45am and stay in our care until 2:30pm-3pm. We will plan each day of fun with the most suitable dogs and they will explore woodlands, meadows, fields and do all the things they love from ball play to swimming. They have a chance to rest as well as run, play and have lunch if they need it.

As with our dog walks we require all our dogs to attend on set days each week. The dogs are settled and they get the most out of the day. Our online booking system is quick and easy to use if you require additional days.

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