The importance of hiring a professional pet sitter

Whether you are going away for the weekend, or for a two week holiday, why wouldn’t you want the best care possible for your pet while you are away? With so many options out there nowadays- mobile apps, kennels, leaving your dog with friends or family, or hiring a pet sitter, it may be hard to know which is best for your pet. In this blog, we explain the benefits of hiring a professional to take care of your dog when you are away.

What are the benefits of hiring a pet sitter?

Your pet stays in the comfort of their own home- Our pet sitters will come and stay with or visit your dog at your property. So your pet will stay in a familiar environment and can stick to their usual daily routine. Some dogs can find boarding in kennels or staying in unfamiliar properties stressful, so having a sitter come to your home can diminish any anxiety and stress- for both you and your dog.

Tailor the service to your needs- Whether you just need a couple of walks over a weekend, or overnight visits plus walks over a longer time period, our services allow you to choose whatever will best suit you and your pet. Our services are entirely flexible to meet your needs.

One-to-one attention- While we look after your pet, they are guaranteed to have our full and undivided attention. Which you may not get if they are staying with family or friends with other pets or in kennels. The time spent with your dog is focused and personal to them.

Knowledgeable and skilled- All of our walkers and sitters receive specialised trained in first aid and have years experience with caring for dogs. Holeigh has worked with dogs for 6 years in rescue centres, Sara is trained as a professional pet groomer and Molly owns her own dog training business (pawsitivedogtraining), to name just a few of our sitters. As most of our dogs we pet sit for are already on walks or daycare with us beforehand, the sitters will know their likes/dislikes and their personality- which kennels or friends may not be aware of. As professionals, we are also trained to administer any medication your dog may require during our stay.

Insured- Anyone who looks after your dog will be covered by insurance in order to protect your pet in case of an emergency. If your dog was to fall ill during our care, we would take them to your usual vet or Taverham vets for out of hours emergencies. For peace of mind, all of our sitters are GPS tracked, so you will be able to see when the sitter arrives and leaves your property.

Responsible and trustworthy- Last but not least, you will know that any care your receive from Tom and Toto is care that you can trust. Our professional sitters are reliable and take great pride in looking after your pets.

We hope that next time you need someone to take care of your dog when you are not around, you will consider hiring a local professional pet sitter to care for your pet. Contact us here for more information on our services.