Tom and Toto November 2017 Newsletter

Tom and Toto November 2017 Newsletter

Hello to all parents


Cat and Pet Christmas visits

With the holidays fast approaching, do not forget we look after your cats and small furries too! If you are going away to visit family or friends over Christmas and New Years and need your pets, fed, watered, litter boxes and hutches cleaned and ofcourse some Christmas fuss and cuddles (I have opened the occasional cat catnip mouse Christmas present for your little ones or given them a special Christmas dinner treat that has been left out), do not hesitate to contact us as Christmas cat cuddles are the best.We also pop your rubbish bins out, water your plants, make sure curtains and opened and closed, lights switched on around the house and stack your post… so your home is looked after as well as your pets.


December Dog walks

It is nearly Christmas Yay!!! Which means some of your lovely doggies will have you home all to themselves during the holidays. All the regular dog walks have been added into the schedule for December as per your dogs’ usual repeat services. If you need to make any amendments, cancellations or additions please do so by logging into the Pet Portal or sending us an email.

(sorry no dog walks Christmas Day!)


Mucky pups and Soggy Doggies

Now that winter weather is well and truly here, please can you ensure you leave your pooch sufficient towels to dry them after their walks. In addition if you have not already, please can you either email us or update your online account with details of how and where we can wash your dogs after their walks.  

E.g. Please use the utility sink, towels are located in the above cupboard.  

E.g. Please wash our dogs in the garden, access to which is through the gate to the left of the house. 

We will en devour to clean your dogs as much as we can after walks but sometimes we not be able to leave them completely clean and dry… we will try our best in the time the team have allocated providing the correct cleaning supplies are available. Wet and muddy weather means the team have up to 12 dogs each to wash a day.. that is alot of wet dog smell.


Sad goodbye to Walker and Sitter Fiona

Fiona has sadly left the Tom and Toto team to start a family. She has taken an fab job at Naturediet and will be supplying our lovely pooches at Tom and Toto with healthy kibble to be used as training treats and healthy rewards while your dogs are out on walks with us (if your pup has dietary needs that we are already aware of, ofcourse we will use the treats you supply). Nurturediet only use 100% freshly prepared meats and fish in their premium natural dry food meals. Hypoallergenic and packed with the highest quality real food ingredients. Free from wheat, artificial preservatives, colourings, flavourings, meat meals and animal derivatives. Thank you Fiona for the amazing treats and I know the pooches (and the team) will miss you lots. And we wish you all the best for the future.


Welcome Newbies to the team

Hazel. As you would have seen from our last blast about fantastic Hazel joining the team back in September and she has been doing an amazing job getting stuck in and making sure that each dog has fun on their walks.

Also joining the team is Emily. Emily started with us in October and we are over the moon with how confident she is with all the pets.

We have seen lots of happy wagging tails out with Hazel and Emily and we are so happy to have them part of the Tom and Toto family.

To find out more about Hazel and Emily head to our ‘Meet The Team’ section to see all our profiles.


Requesting bookings

As Sarah has headed off on Maternity leave, Emma and Jo will be split between the office and supporting the walkers out and about. Because of this we are asking if you could use only one of the following methods for requesting booking


submit your request via the Pet Portal

or call the office on 01603 927272 which also has a voicemail and we have it diverted to our mobiles when we are out and about too.

This is to ensure all your requests are received and nothing is missed as text is not always reliable due to our rural walks and locations. While we will remain in contact via text during visits, overnights, petsits and dog walks, please use one of the above methods to submit new requests or inquiries.


If you need to send a non urgent text (non booking related) you can do so by contacting the Tom and Toto Mobile on 07903 478230, please send any relevant pet updates to the central Tom and Toto lines and not the individual walkers for us to ensure all the information gets back to the entire team and we can add any additional notes to future bookings.


Dog Identification Tags and Microchipping

As the winter nights are drawing in earlier and earlier and the weather being very unpredictable, it is now more vital than ever to have your dogs ID tags up to date. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 requires all dogs to have a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on it, or a tag/disc. While Microchipping is also Law in England, Scotland and Wales since 2016, the microchip alone does not make you exempt from the Control of Dogs Order and a disc/tag must still be used and displayed either on their collar or harness. It is “good practice” to check your dog’s collar and tag/disc for signs of wear and tear, details are up to date and to replace as needed. If a ID is not worn then the dog may be seized and treated as a stray dog. The owner or person in charge of the dog ‘Namely us’ at that time could be prosecuted and fined. Also, it is vital to contact your microchipping company to ensure your details are up to date and next time you head to the vet, get them to give the chip a scan to make sure it is still working and active. Can you please insure that all your dogs have a valid ID tag and either a collar or harness available for when they come out on walks.


Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!


Kind Regards,


Pack Assistant Manager

Tom and Toto Ltd.

01603 927272