Well Being Walks And Visits

Well Being Walks And Visits

for happier, healthier minds and bodies


In a world where demands are constant and poor mental health is increasing, we are so excited offer your business, school or charity a well-being dog walk or visit with our carefully selected, behaviour-assessed and very fabulous dogs.

  1. Treat your team to a regular weekly lunchtime or post-work pack walk to blow away those cobwebs and clear the mind (1 hour).
  2. Our dogs are also available for a one-off pack walk as part of a team-building event (1/2 hours).
  3. If time away from the classroom / office is difficult, we can bring the dogs to you! Workplace visits give you time out to stroke and engage with a calming, friendly, non-judgemental doggie (1 hour).

It is well documented that time with animals, particularly dogs, can have a hugely positive impact on wellbeing. Walking dogs means exercise, fresh air, connecting with nature…all physically nurturing activities. Continued research is also demonstrating the impact the companionship of a dog can have on our daily emotional and psychological stresses.

Some of the benefits this can bring are:
Stress, Anxiety and Depression Relief
Social Connection
Lots of wagging tails and smiling faces!

This in turn will lead to happier, healthier, connected staff/ pupils and improved productivity. Whats not to love!

Get in touch with our Wellbeing Coordinator Suzy Copping on [email protected] to sign up.

Check Out Our FAQ's

what better than canine company


As many as you like! Each wellbeing walk comes with one trained staff member and four lovely friendly dogs. If you would like multiples of staff and dogs that can be arranged. We estimate 10 people can benefit from each group of four dogs.

Yes you certainly can! A weekly walk will really boost morale and give your students or staff something to look forward to. We can bring your favourite dogs each week so you really get to know them or you can meet new dogs.

Yes you can. Many companies have wellbeing days or weeks to really reward their team for their hard work and what better way to do so that with a group of happy friendly pups!

No. All the dogs remain on the lead for the duration of the visit and walks. Feedback from current atendees confirms that this is not a problem and everyone involved will get plenty of time and space to fuss and cuddle the dogs.

Of course, and they love all the fuss from you! Each of our wellbeing dogs have been carefully selected, behaviour-assessed and are very fabulous. We make sure that the dogs we bring to you also will also enjoy the experience. They go home thoroughly stroked, cuddled and treated. Its practically a pamper session for them!

We will select a short and easily accessible walking route from your workplace or school. This means there is no need to transport yourselves to us. We come to you. The pace is slow and suitable for all fitness levels and we stop regularly to fuss the dogs and give them a treat. If you are interested in booking a walk away from the office/school that is no problem and we will work with you to find the most suitable location for the attendees. You will be responsible for transporting your participants to the chosen location and we will meet you there with the dogs.

Please advise participants to wear suitable clothing if they are going walking. Nothing additional is required for office visits. We require all participants to sign a waiver before undertaking a wellbeing walk or visit and these will be emailed to you before the day of the booking.

No problem at all. Our team are experts in all things dog and we love to share our knowledge with you. If you haven’t greeted a dog before we can show you how and will make sure you are safe throughout our visits and walks.

If you are interesting in signing your dog up to be a part of the wellbeing work we do please email us on [email protected] We have a thorough screening process and temperament test your dog to make sure they will enjoy themselves as well. They must be dog sociable and happy in a group of four dogs. They must be happy to travel in the car and on the lead. Most importantly they must enjoy the company of people and have a calm nature.