What Are Good Doggy Manners?

What Are Good Doggy Manners?

We welcome all sociable and well-mannered dogs into our group walks and day-care adventures, but what are ‘good doggy manners’ and how does my dog learn them?

Sociable and well mannered Tom and Toto dogs can do the following: 

  1. Enjoy the company of other dogs 
  2. Enjoy the company of the walkers
  3. Are happy to travel in a vehicle and share space with other dogs  
  4. Are relaxed and comfortable hopping in and out of cars
  5. Understand the body language of the other dogs  
  6. Respect the boundaries of the other dogs in the group 
  7. Listen to the commands and guidance of the walker 
  8. Walk nicely on lead 
  9. Do not antagonise or irritate the other dogs in the group or third-party dogs 
  10. Respect the general public with guidance of their walkers
  11. Have lovely loose, wiggly, relaxed body language
  12. Do not display dominant behaviours- over the head posturing, inappropriate mounting, constant barking, aggression, eye balling other dogs, stalking or resource guarding

How can my dog learn social skills and good manners?
Humans cannot teach dogs good manners. We can only let them know when they are doing well by praising them and ask them to come away from a situation when they are not being well mannered. They learn how to socialise and behave appropriately from consistent socialisation with the right dogs. This should start as soon as your dog joins your family and include as many ages and breeds of dog as possible. It can take time for your dog to learn canine body languge and read what other dogs are communicating. We are available
to help them on their social and well mannered journey so get in touch if you have any questions on info@tomandtoto.co.uk


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