Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Does your dog eat grass? Should you worry about it?

Not always. It is quite a common natural behaviour. There are a few reasons why your dog might chew on grass so to understand why ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does your dog have an upset stomach?
One theory is that dogs eat grass to make themselves vomit if they have eaten something they shouldn’t or to settle an upset stomach.

2. Are they bored or playing?
Puppies often play with and chew on grass as they explore their environment

3. What is their diet like?
Animals often seek out nutrients if their diet is lacking so if your dog is eating grass on a regular basis this may be a reason eg. eating grass as a source of extra fibre to help aid digestion. The same is true of dogs that eat poo, this can too be a sign of nutritional deficiency.

Should you stop your dog eating grass?
If you think your dog eats grass out of boredom, ensure he is receiving enough physical and mental exercise daily. Dogs love to chew, it’s a stress reliving activity so he might need a suitable chew toy to play with instead of eating your garden.

If you think the grass eating may be more of a dietary issue, then examine his food and do some research to you can be sure that he is receiving all the nutrients he needs.

While grass eating isn’t itself a dangerous activity be mindful that eating grass sprayed with herbicides or pesticides can be toxic and make your dog unwell. House plants and around 50% of garden plants have some toxicity so prevent your dog from eating these to be safe.