What Is The Social Club And Why Do I Need It?

The first 20 weeks of a puppy’s life is a crucial time for socialisation, as during this time they are more accepting of new experiences. The socialisation ‘window’ is usually around 3-12 weeks. You won’t be able to get your puppy until they are at least eight weeks old, so the owner/breeder should have already started this important process.

What does socialisation actually mean?

Socialisation means positive interaction with other dogs, but this is only one aspect of socialisation. Socialisation is also allowing your dog to explore new environments and have new experiences to help them grow in confidence and understand their place in the world. These include:

  • New environments. This includes parks, beaches, vets, shops, restaurants and cafes, bridges, rivers, puddles, rain, different textured floorings inc. wood, tile, carpet, gravel, tarmac, mud and grass.
  • Other animals. Dog to dog interactions are a big part of socialisation but also consider the size, breed and age of the dogs as well as other animals like ducks, birds, cats, chickens, squirrels, sheep and cows. All puppies need to learn early on what to expect, who they can interact with and who to leave alone.
  • New people. Allow your dog to say hello to all different types of people including children of all ages, adults young and old in different types of clothing. You will be surprised how many dogs are weary of people in hats and glasses. Don’t forget different voices!
  • Noises. There are so many noises out there for a puppy to experience from indoor sounds like hoovers, slamming doors and objects falling to outdoors noises like trucks, cars, horns, trains and farm vehicles. Even a baby crying can be scary to a dog that has never heard one before.
  • Handling. It is important to allow your dog time to be handled from his nose to his tail. This will come in handy at vet visits and when he goes to the groomers but it also includes giving him time to get used to brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, baths, wearing a harnesses, collars & coats, lifting & carrying, and being tethered and restrained.
What is the Social Club?

1. How Does The Social Club help your dogs socialisation?

Proper socialisation is super important to your dog’s wellbeing. It helps your dogs ability to bond with their owners. Being alone while you are at work or running errands can affect your dog’s mental health, and even affect their ability to behave. Allowing your dog to play with other dogs in a safe environment helps to relieve your dog’s anxiety and stress after a day away from you, and also gets them accustomed to public spaces and interactions with other people.

 2. The Social club allows you to develop a better understanding of your pup

Social club allows you to better understand how your dog will behave in certain situations. By observing your dog’s interactions with other pets and other people, you may be surprised to learn new things about your pup. These new observations may change how you interact with your dog.

For example, you may assume that your dog would be skittish around groups of people. However, after going to social club regularly, you find that they behave well. This allows you to bring them to dog-friendly restaurants, outdoor events, and friends’ homes instead of leaving them home. Alternatively, you may find that your dog does best with other dogs and needs continued interactions to become more comfortable with people.

3.  The Social club can boost your dog’s physical health

Canine obesity is a real issue, and it can be difficult for dogs to stay in shape. This is especially true when you consider the fact that many breeds require up to three regular walks per day. Allowing your pup to run and play at social club provides them the opportunity for exercise that they otherwise would not get. Just like humans, dogs need a variety of activities to stay healthy.

What are the human benefits of Social club?

Social club is not just great for pups, they are beneficial for humans, too.

4.  The Social club builds a tight-knit community

Social club is great way to bond with other dog owners in the area. You will instantly find something you have in common—your beloved pets—and the casual nature of the area makes it a great place to make new friends. As an adult, this opportunity cannot be overlooked. Social club can also be great places to learn about dog-friendly events. You may find more opportunities to get out and socialise with your dog in tow, just by taking a trip to the social club.

5.  The Social club promotes active lifestyles

Going to social club rather than letting your dog out in the garden fosters a more active environment for humans and dogs alike. In walking/driving to social club and back, as well as playing with your dog, you will likely find that you are more active overall. You can continue to build on this benefit by participating in even more activities that keep you active, like running, biking, hiking, and more.

6. The Social club can lower your health risks

By building a more active lifestyle, you stand to gain several health benefits. In fact, having an active dog has been linked to lower cholesterol, better heart health, better mental health, and an improved immune system. With the opportunity to bring your dog to social club comes a better chance that you will remain happy and healthy.

7. Lowers stress and anxiety

Social club is based in our super secure daycare centre. It allows your puppies to explore the new environment, without the fear they may get out and escape. All dogs at social club are sociable and friendly- so there is no worry of unsociable dogs ruining the new experience for your pup.

How do I join social club?

It is so quick and easy to join the gang! Just drop us an email at info@tomandtoto.co.uk or visit our website: https://tomandtoto.co.uk/social-club/ and fill in our contact form!