From tailored trims, to luxury spa treatments, your dog will leave looking as fabulous as they feel.

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Conveniently located a few minutes from the NDR at White House Farm in Sprowston and close to Norwich City Centre, the Tom and Toto Grooming Spa is a calm and welcoming environment with top of the range equipment to pamper your dog. 

Our grooming products are nature inspired, palm oil free, plant based, tailored to each dog’s requirement and smell AMAZING.

Grooming begins with a relaxing hydrobath. The warm water stream penetrates deep into the fur, removing dirt and dust. Hydrobathing helps relieve skin problems like allergies, itching and hot spots. The massaging effect is a real treat for your dog, it improves blood circulation and stimulates the production of natural oils in your dog’s skin keeping it healthy, moisturised, and the coat shiny.


From £35

Great for any occasion or in between full grooms this service is suitable for all dogs that require minimal detangling or de-matting. We start with our famous Hydro massage bath with shampoo then blow dry & brush out your dog’s coat. You can select from one of many delicious perfumes to finish. This does not include any trimming- for that please selectfull works when booking.


From £60

The best of the best for dogs needing a haircut or restyle. The transformation takes up to 4 hours depenent on breed. Hydro massage bath first with shampoo and deep conditioning treatment. A gentle blow dry & the coat fully brushed out. Ear cleansing and nail trim are included. Your dog’s full all over trim will be styled to your desire. Choose your avourite fragrance for the cherry on top.



Perfect for pups 5 months or under for their first visit. We want them to LOVE coming to the groomers as a part of their essential care. All newcomers receive a gentle introduction to grooming allowing them to relax in the salon at for future treatments. We start with a gentle hydrobath shampoo and blowdry. Your dog’s nails will be carefully trimmed and their hygiene area, face and feet trimmed. We limit this first experience to 1 hour.


From £100

Hand stripping is a technique designed for wire haired dogs (terriers, setters, pointers, spaniels).  While the process takes longer so do the results! Usually only two sessions are needed each year. The coat condition is maintained and this helps repel water and dirt. We finished with a gentle wash in sensitive shampoo and delicious perfume spritz of your choice.



A truly groundbreaking non invasive treatment to keep your dog’s teeth clean and shining without the hefty vet bill or the stress of anaesthesia. The ultrasonic technology breaks down plaque and reduces bacteria on teeth and gums. Completely silent, non vibrating, extremely gentle.

1-3 sessions may be required to clear plaque after which maintenance cleans can be booked every 2 months for £25

*please pop by for a free consult before booking to check your dog is eligible


Nail Trimming (can be booked alone)

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Marshmallow Brightening Facial

Mineral Mud Mask

Lavender and Tonka Nose and Paw Balm

Our Services are individually tailored to you and your dog.

Costs vary considering factors such as the dogs breed and size, hair length, willingness to be groomed, coat condition and frequency of grooming.

Please be advised a surcharge will apply if your dog is matted, requires extra bathing in addition to our standard process, has fleas, or has not been groomed within the recommended grooming schedule for their breed. 

Please click the button below to head to our booking system for detailed prices, register an account with us and book in!


Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Saturday 9am – 5pm

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