Cats and Small animal Slots

Cats and Small animal Slots

One of the best parts of our job is we get to see animals and creatures of all shapes and sizes alongside our fab dog walks, Day Care and Overnights.

To ensure all animals are seen in a timely manner and to ensure as much consistency for them while you are away, visits will be split into AM and PM slots with no precise time allocated to the visit. No lunch slots are available as the sitter will be out and about walking the Fields, Parks, Marshes and Woodlands with the pups.

Cats and Small animal slots are; Morning: 7am-10am and Evening: 4pm-7pm

For example; When you request a 9am Cat visit, Your cat will be seen at any time during the Morning slot and same applies if you requested a 5PM visit, your pet will be seen during the Evening slot. If you have not specified AM or PM and your pet has a timer feeder for example, your Pets will be seen anytime during either of these slots

But Don’t worry, you can still see what time your pet has been visited via the GPS Check in and Check out on the Pet Sitter Portal for peace of mind and see what they got up to when the sitter sends your Feedback direct to your email which is also visible on your Portal log in.

Any questions do let us know on and get to booking your pets in for the Summer here at T&T.