Daycare FAQs

With daycare now open, we thought we would answer the most googled daycare questions, just incase we have missed anything!

Are their separate areas for big dogs and small dogs?

– There will be a separate puppy creche for the puppies, but we will separate the dogs into groups of play styles, some dogs have different play styles depending on who they are with, a good play style is reciprocal and your dog will swap roles. We put similar play styles together, keep your dog in that regular group and match your dog to whom they are most comfortable with.

Do all outside areas have high secure fencing?

– Yes! Our outside areas are completely secured with otter fencing, it is 1.8 metres and completely escape proof!

Are you allowed to visit your dog anytime during the day or pop by?
– No, unfortunately to keep the daycare running smoothly, safe and calm for the dogs, our drop off times are strictly between 8:00 am and 9:00am, puppy pick ups will be 12-12:30 and pick ups will be between 16:00 and 18:00.

Does our facility offer tours before coming for an assessment?
– Yes we do offer tours but only in the evenings, prior to arrangement when no dogs are in the daycare. If you have assessment morning booked you can come and look around when you drop your dog off.

Is there a emergency veterinary clinic on call in case of a medical emergency?
– Yes we are registered at Taverham Veterinary surgery, and in the case of any medical emergency, you will be contacted and your dog will be taken straight to the surgery. We are all canine first aid trained as well and can care for dogs with any minor scrape or illness.

What kind of training does our staff receive?
– All our staff have to have behaviour and dog body language training, first aid training and at least two years of experience working in the animal industry. Most of our team have worked for Tom And Toto as dog walkers for the past few years and as a company we have cared for dogs since 2013. In our current team we have qualified dog trainers, groomers, behaviourists and canine first aid instructors.

Will dogs be supervised at all times?
– Yes, all dogs will be supervised at all times, including nap times. To ensure appropriate, safe and positive interactions. We have a strict ratio of staff to dogs and have ensured we have sufficient staff to cover breaks.

What do we do if there is a dog fight?
– To minimise the risks of any fights happening we always do our initial assessment for every dog that enters our daycare centre. Despite the best of supervision, care and training, occasionally dogs may disagree. We have several different play spaces available so we can try dogs in different groups and areas to make sure all dogs get on. As the dogs are always monitored should a squabble occur we will be there within seconds to move them apart.

We are looking forward to including you and your pet in our new adventure, so please if there are any concerns, questions, or information you might want to know, or maybe just to discuss whether daycare may be the right choice for your dog? Give us a call, send us an email, and we will always be happy to help!