DIY Dog First Aid Kit

We need to be prepared for accidents and injuries while caring for your dogs. I have created our own doggy first aid kits to deal with the most common injuries rather than purchase a ready made kit.

These are our 9 essential items that you will find in our kits:

  1. Tweezers- most used for removing thorns from pads (don’t try this unless you can be sure to remove the whole thorn and not break it)
  2. Saline Solution- great for washing grit and debry out of eyes and wounds
  3. Wound dressing Pads
  4. Medical Tape- for folding dressings in place
  5. Hand Sanitiser
  6. Vet Roll- This is a sticky, stretchy, waterproof bandage that can be used to protect and keep wounds clean. Once we have covered a wound with a dressing pad we use the vet roll to keep it in place until we can get the dog to the vet.
  7. Scissors
  8. Dog Blankets
  9. Tick Remover