Eco Friendly – Pet Care Products

Eco Friendly – Pet Care Products

These days everyone has become more conscious of the environment in every aspect from reusable supermarket and shopping bags to electric cars. Our pets are no different, parents are becoming more aware of the products we use for our pets… from Hemp Leads and collars… to recycled plastic bottle fabric made for toys.

We, as dog walkers and Pet sitters at Tom and Toto go to many houses and see lots of different products. Here is a few products from what I have seen in action with some of our pets that are fun, fresh and eco friendly.



Pet care products

Our pampered pooches these days get the best of the best and the same should be for their grooming products. With the outdoor weather conditions ever changing, parents are spending more time on grooming and protection. Organic Paw butter for dogs Natural organic paw butter made of the highest human grade ingredients including shea butter to soothe. Rub on your dogs paws any time of day to soothe after a walk or if dry and cracked. The butter also contains organic lavender essential oil to help your adored doggie relax. A little goes a very long way, so only a small amount is needed each time, as the ingredients are of such high quality. Because of the natural ingredients it is also lick safe. Not forgetting bath time, The Little Soap Company Little Beast pet shampoo bar is 100% Natural Organic Pet Shampoo Bar. Suitable for oily, normal, fleas, insects, smelly coats & muddy pups. Suggested for pups 4 months and upwards post jabs with aromas of Lavender and Apricot oil. All you have to do is wet coat, then rub the bar into the coat to create a sumptuous lather, rinse with warm water then pat dry with a towel. Lola’s skin gets dry and flaky and can get irritated by products that have lots of ingredients in them so she has to go down the natural route… she is a pampered pug indeed!


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