Fling-less Feb

Fling- less Feb is an initiative by South West Dog Skills to ditch the ball flingers… constantly flinging a ball on your dog’s walks can have the opposite effect to what you may be hoping for.

When a dog chases a ball their body releases adrenaline. This adrenaline can stay in the body for hours after a walk and can make it difficult for your dog to settle. If you use a flinger and ball on every walk your dog may not have a chance for their adrenaline level to return to normal, before it is raised again on the next walk. Leading to them in a constant high state. 

If you think you need to take your dog out for at least an hour at a time and take a flinger to tire them, think again! The fling-free Facebook group will provide you with some ideas to help.

Fling-less Feb isn’t about getting rid of the flinger all together but it’s about creating walks where you are able to engage with your dog more, build your partnership with them and create a more settled and calm dog.

The fling-less challenge is to halve the amount of flinging walks you do and swap them for some of the ideas below:

Sniff walk – Allowing your dog to explore the environment and finding treats that have been laid to encourage your dog to sniff. Let them lead you!

30in30 – using 30 treats in 30 mins whilst out on a walk to maximise engagement with you.

Check in challenge – have a focus on rewarding your dog every time they choose to look at you whilst you are walking.

Training walk – Pick something that either you or your dog would like to work on. This might happen at home to start with before progressing to the park or field.

Rest days – Take days off from walking. See what happens if you set up some mental enrichment activities at home.