Get Ready for Summer 2018

Get Ready for Summer 2018

Time to start getting ready for summer 2018 by getting your pets visits covered.

Here at T&T we are here for you whatever the time of year and Summer is no exception.

  • You are going away and worried about what to do with your pets and your home?

We have your overnights covered! A Sitter will come and stay in your own home, look after all your pets to the highest of standard as per their normal routines, water your indoor and outdoor plant, put your bin in and out on bin day, bring in your post and anything else your home needs… well we don’t do pluming or building work.. but that would be a great talent!

  • You are out and about for the day and worried about leaving your pooch too long?

Don’t fret… we can do early morning walks, lunch visits, playtime and walks for your dog, and even dinner time visits and cuddle time in the evening!

  • You have Cats, Chickens and Small furries?

We can do them too. We can feed, water, clean litter trays, hutches and pens and give them fuss too!!


Log onto your Pet Sitter Portal and start planning your great Summer.

And don’t forget…. WE ARE A 7 DAY A WEEK SERVICE!

Any questions please contact us on