House Training Your Puppy

Struggling with Accidents with your Puppy?

House training a puppy is not an easy task especially for first time dog owners. If you are struggling with indoor accidents don’t worry there are many in the same boat. 

Puppy House Training Tips

  • Decide on the key word command for going to the toilet for example ‘Go Wee Wee’ or ‘Go toilet’. You can choose any word you like but you and your family must be consistent with the use of the word as not to confuse your puppy.
  • Make sure you take your puppy outside on a regular basis when they are very young (every couple of hours at minimum) to make sure their bladders don’t get too full. Always set your puppy up to succeed and not to fail. Leaving them indoors too long will increase the chance that accidents will happen. 
  • Take them into the garden or out for a short walk (Once their first set of vaccinations are completed) and especially after every meal time. Be patient and give them as long is needed to go. Don’t give them too much attention during this time so they learn this time is meant for relieving themselves and not for play.
  • Initially give them your command while they go so they learn to associate the two together. 
  • Once you feel they understand the word and the action are connected you can use your command when you want to ask your puppy to go wee.

  • If you take them into the garden stay with them. It might seem unnecessary, but to send a puppy outdoors and shut the door behind them even for a few minutes will cause distress. They will think only of being left alone and almost certainly won’t go for a wee.
  • Praise them when they have done well. A little treat or a cuddle after a successful wee will reinforce it happening again. Then start playtime. Treat, praise, fuss and playtime is their reward for a job well done.

  • Do not scold your puppy  when they mess in the wrong place. It is easy to send the wrong message to your puppy that it is naughty to go at all. This can lead to the puppy holding everything in and can cause constipation and other problems later down the line. This will also increase the chances of accidents indoors.
  • A lot of puppies wee when they get too excited. These accidents are very common and often down to their weak bladder. With guidance and training ‘happy wees’ should go away as your dog matures. 

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