nervous dog

How Do I Help My Nervous Dog?

You aren’t alone. Anxious, timid and nervous behaviours are some of the most common issues dog owners face. Sometimes attributed to genetics but more likely dogs are a product of their situation and life experiences.

This article will cover general anxiety in dogs and tips on how to help them. This is not intended to replace the advice of a canine behaviourist who will be able to formulate a specific plan for your dog.

What can I do to help my anxious dog?

1. Socialisation
Critical for your dog to feel confident in life. Socialisation includes interaction with suitable friendly dogs (on lead and off), exposure to traffic, farm animals, rain, wind, loud noises, hair drier, hoover, time alone, vets, children, other people and handling by you and your family. This takes time and every dog learns at a different pace. Allow your dog to experience as much of the world as early as possible. Watch for signs of stress and don’t push them. Go at their pace and reward with praise and treats so they learn to associate good things with these experiences.

2. Reputable Breeders
Source your puppy from a reputable and responsible breeder. Meet the litter and their parents. Puppies from ‘back yard’ breeders do not have a good start to life. Neglectful conditions, lack of human contact and lack of necessary veterinary care can lead to nervous and timid puppies and adult dogs. They can also be fearful of people and learn unhealthy habits such as resource guarding due to their early weeks.

3. Rescue Dogs
You may never know the full back story of your rescue dog. They can take several months of love, patience, and potentially professional help to adjust to life in a new home.

4. Products
Thunder Shirt is proven to be over 80% effective in calming dogs during fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, vet visits and separation anxiety. Like swaddling a child, the shirt applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear.
Pheromone Collars help your dog stay calm and adapt in situations like loud noises, training and separation anxiety.
Pheromone Plugins work specifically at home to help your dog stay calm and adapt to time alone, bonding with other pets, loud noises and visiting guests.
Dietary Supplements such as YuCalm help reduce your dog’s stress and support calm behaviour with natural herbs and vitamins.

If your dog needs socialisation with suitable play mates get in touch, we have a variety of services which can help. If your dog needs a canine behaviourist we can recommend someone locally. Call us on 01603 927272