How Much Exercise Does My Puppy Need?

Once your dog has had its vaccinations you can begin to go for walks together. Your puppy should be walked every day come rain or shine and in the morning and evening. Time spent in the garden is no substitute for time spent exploring their environment and socialising with other dogs.

How much you walk your puppy is important because over exercising a growing pup can cause damage to the soft ligaments as they grow and early arthritis. This is especially important for large breed puppies like Vizsla, Labrador, Great Dane and German Shepherd who grow at a fast rate and can easily injure themselves.

The general rule of thumb is 5 minutes of exercise per month of age twice a day until fully grown. If you find you still have very energetic dogs after a short walk try, taking them to a variety of locations where they can sniff and explore. The same walk twice a day will get boring for your puppy and not provide the mental stimulation that new environments will. Woodlands, fields, the beach, parks with other dogs are all exciting places for your young dogs, so mix it up.

A short car ride to a walk location is also helpful as it allows your dog some time to become used to traveling in a vehicle. Walks on soft ground are much easier on the joints than pavement walks are.

It is best to feed your puppy after their walk rather than before to avoid serious conditions like bloat developing.

Dog walking is great for your puppies cardiovascular development, strengthening of their bones and muscles, socialisation and provides essential mental stimulation.

We accept puppies on our socialisation walks as soon as they have had their vaccinations and we always take it very slowly so as not to over exercise them. They will never be walked on the pavement but on soft ground like grass or woodland and they will spend their time meeting other friendly dogs, playing, sniffing, and exploring rather than walking on lead for the full allocated time.

Social club is a great way to let your pup socialise too once fully vaccinated! It is a secure play area for the dogs to be off lead, with play equipment for the dogs- tunnels, platforms, agility equipment, tractor tyres, sand pit and paddling pools in summer (lots more fun than just a walk). There are a range of temperament tested dogs so only friendly dogs to play with and all ages welcome. The number of dogs limited each session to provide plenty of space for the dogs!

If you have a young dog and are looking for a suitable group for them to join while you work get in touch HERE! We have 4 group walks each week day and will tailor the group to the dogs requirements and play style.