Indoor Boredom Busters For Dogs

Have you ever had one of those days with when it is a very hot sunny day and you are not able to walk your dog just in case of burnt paws or potential heat stroke risk? or a torrential downpour and a dog that hates the rain? Have you had friends and family over and you want to make sure your pet is entertained and not becoming destructive? There are so many ways to purchase or make toys and activities to keep your dogs entertained at home! Mental and physical stimulation are great for dogs of all, toys and games can help keep them active and alert.

DIY Toys

Crinkle Toy

If you have an old sock that your dog loves to get hold of or a t-shirt that’s seen better days, you can make use of it by putting a plastic water bottle inside the sock and tying it up at the end. Most dogs love the crinkle sound it makes and keeps them entertained for hours! Make sure to remove the bottle lid and take away the toy if they chew through the sock to avoid ingestion. You can hide the Crinkle toy around the house for added Hide and Seek games.


Snuffle Rugs

If you have a dog that’s treat-crazy then you can easily make them a snuffle rug, a fantastic mentally stimulating game for them. Simply buy a plastic sink mat with holes in and tie strips of old t-shirt, towels or blankets to each hole and it becomes a shaggy rug to hide a number of different treats in for them to sniff around and find.

If you are not DIY inclined (some of us may be awesome with pets and dogs but we are all thumbs when it comes to making things!!) you can also purchase pre-made snuffle mats online from various websites.


Treat Puzzles

Treat based puzzle toys are a great option if you’d like something more sturdy for your dog to chew on, or something that makes their brains work abit harder to receive their treats and rewards. There are a number of options from bouncing Kongs to puzzels to noisy Giggleballs!

Here are some of our favorite treat based boredom busters



For Kong Ideas

Head to The Tom and Toto Blog on what a Kong is and Kong Stuffer ideas.


For the more advanced pooch; Trixie®  make a great range of advanced activity toys



New Tricks and Games

If your dog loves spending one-on-one time with you and responds to reward based training, you can teach them a number of new tricks and games to keep them mentally stimulated. Games such as “find it” or “hide and seek” are great for dogs who love to follow their nose! There are lots of tricks you can teach you dog, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Roll over
  • Beg
  • High five
  • Spin
  • Bow
  • Bark on command
  • Putting their toys away
  • Learning names for each toy

It is important that we are careful about what we give to our pets to play with and chew on as so many substances can be harmful if ingested, so please observe your pets with any toy they are playing with. However, we hope some of these options will appeal to your dogs and you have a great time playing with your pets!



Written by Jo xx