Newsletters: June – August 2017

Here is the latest news and updates from Tom and Toto for June, July and August 2017

Tom and Toto August 2017 Newsletter

Your Pets Birthday

Help us make your pets day extra special by letting us know when their birthday is. You can do this by logging into your Pet Sitter Plus Online Account. To do this just head to and click ‘Book Online’ tab, click ‘log in’ if you have used the system before or ‘Register. You will need your personal account number or alternatively you can use your registered email address. The first time you visit your account online please click ‘create password’ and follow the prompts. If you do not know what your T&T Personal account number is send us an email on . While you are telling us about your pets special day, ensure all your pets information is up to date, especially emergency contact information and any other pet routines and details we need to know.

Dog Identification Tags and Microchipping

The Control of Dogs Order 1992 requires all dogs to have a collar with the name and address of the owner inscribed on it, or a tag/disc. While Microchipping is also Law in England, Scotland and Wales since 2016, the microchip alone does not make you exempt from the Control of Dogs Order and a disc/tag must still be used and displayed either on their collar or harness. It is “good practice” to check your dog’s collar and tag/disc for signs of wear and tear, details are up to date and to replace as needed. If a ID is not worn then the dog may be seized and treated as a stray dog. The owner or person in charge of the dog ‘Namely us’ at that time could be prosecuted and fined. Also, it is vital to contact your microchipping company to ensure your details are up to date and next time you head to the vet, get them to give the chip a scan to make sure it is still working and active. Can you please insure that all your dogs have a valid ID tag and either a collar or harness available for when they come out on walks.

Day Care Bundles

In our June 2017 Dog Newsletter, we introduced our Day Care Service with T&T for your social pup to join us during the day. For August, we are launching The Day Care pass bundles. It is a new way of being able to pay in advance for the Day Care service with the added bonus of receiving a discount per day. The bundles, as with the normal Day Care service, only applies Monday – Friday and must be claimed within the pass period. Below is a list of our Day Care pass bundles.

Day Care

10am -3pm


Per day

Day Care 10 pass bundle

(use within 2 months)


(£22 per day)

Day Care 20 pass bundle

(use within 3 months)


(£21 per day)

* Please note this is for one dog only.  Ask us about Multi dogs

Requesting bookings

As Sarah will be heading off on Maternity leave soon, Emma will be split between the office and supporting the walkers out and about. Because of this we are asking if you could use only one of the following methods for requesting booking


submit your request via the Pet Portal on our website

or call 01603 927272 which also has a voicemail

This is to ensure all your requests are received and nothing is missed as text is not always reliable due to our rural walks and locations. While we will remain in contact via text during visits, overnights, petsits and dog walks, please use one of the above methods to submit new requests or enquiries.

Term Time booking

It is nearly September so all our term time pups will be joining us again… Yay.. we have missed you all over the summer! As of the 1st of September 2017, we have booked all Term Time dog walks into the schedule as per their usual repeat services. If you need to make any amendments, cancellations or additions please do so by logging into the Pet Portal or sending us an email.

Tom and Toto July 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to two new Tom and Toto Team members

We have two fabulous new team members!!! They have been out and about learning the ropes and going through the T&T training programme for the last 2-3 weeks with Assistant Manager Emma. We would like to introduce Lizzy and Vicki, both are dog mad and love every animal you can imagine, except those of the 8-legged variety (there is other members that will take on that task)!! Keep an eye out for their mini Biographies coming soon on the ‘Book Online’ page of our website.

New Mini Team member

In November, we have a new tiny team member joining the Tom and Toto Family…. Director Sarah is Expecting baby number 2!!!!! We are all so excited for this amazing new arrival, and as of September Sarah will be on full Maternity Leave and Assistant Manager Emma will be purely office based (except for overnights, holiday and sick cover). In preparation for this, over the next month, we would like to introduce 2 new walkers and sitters from the team to your existing regulars that you have previously met in order to keep your Pet Care request fully flexible. We will be getting in contact, with for those of you that need, over the next week to arrange for you to meet members of the team with Emma so she can show them the routines and for the pets to get to know them.

Beat the Heat

It is very important to keep your pets cool in the summer months, that included your dogs, Cats and Bunnies. Here are a few ideas that will help most pets keep cool in the heat:

–          Keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible: For indoor pets close the curtains.. we all have those sun worshiper dogs! for outdoor pets like rabbits provide an umbrella over their hutch.

–          Provide something cool for them to lay on: concreate slabs, ceramic tiles, damp towel work for both indoor and outdoor pets. For dogs, a cool mat works great.

–          Ice treats and water: Freeze vegetables and Kongs (See our blog on Kong stuffing ideas). Pop ice cubes in their water bowl to keep it cooler for longer. ALERT: for rabbits insure you only pop 2-3 ice cubes in their water bowl or bottle as water that is too cold can cause harm to your bunnie.

–          Fresh water: Provide more water than you think your pet may need, that includes larger bowls or multiple bowls and in the case of rabbits supply both bowls and bottles as a back-up in case their bottle falls.

–          Mist spray bottles: Use a plant mist spray bottle and gently spray your pets to instantly cool them down.

–          Keep alert: Check on your pets regularly throughout the day, any small sign of heat stroke can be deadly to pets and they must get to the vets ASAP. Symptoms includes Heavy panting, vomiting, black stools, producing a small amount of urine, reddened gums and tongue, unable to cool down, excessive drooling, slow response ect. To name a few.

Pet First Aid

As most of you would be aware, all the team at Tom and Toto are Pet First Aid trained (new members of the team will be heading within the next couple of weeks) but did you know as a Pet Parent you can also go on a Pet and Canine First Aid course? There are many different companies and vets that run these courses with varying levels of training and cost. Two great courses that the team have attended are FlexiMed First Aid for Pets and Dog Safe UK

Don’t forget!!

Don’t forget to book your pets in for your Summer plans – whether it is an evening sit for your pooch while you are on a night out, looking after your cat while you are away on holiday, or looking after all your pets during overnight stays at your own home. If you need to amend/ add/ cancel any regular dog walks, book in any Overnight pet stays, book in your bunnies, chickens, cats or any other pets while you are away over the summer months, just log into our Online Pet Sitting Software via our website  . If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via email at or call us on our new landline 01603 927272.

Tom and Toto June 2017 Newsletter

Tom and Toto 4th Birthday

First of all, the Tom and Toto Team would like to say a massive Thank you to all the lovely parents and pups that came to our 4th Birthday Party in the Park and made our day amazing. Lots of Pictures are up on our Tom and Toto Face book page so you can see what we got up to. Hope we can see you all and more next year.

Sian the Dog Walker and Pet Sitter

It is with a heavy heart that Sian is saying goodbye to Tom and Toto ☹ Due to health reasons she is no longer able to continue with the demands Tom and Toto requires. Sian will still be doing some of the Specialist overnight pet sitting that has already been booked in over the next couple of months and Sarah will be contacting all overnight bookings’ parents to discuss if there are any changes to their sitter. Sian’s last official full day is Friday the 16th of June 2017. Sian will still be part of the Tom and Toto family so you may see her on ad hoc overnights in the future. The Tom and Toto Team and Family wish her all the best in her future endeavours and just know that she did not make this decision lightly, it was a necessity more than a want to leave that’s for sure!

Summer Bookings

Summer holidays are nearly upon us, so it’s time to start booking in your summer pets! if you need to amend/ add/ cancel any regular dog walks, book in any Overnight pet stays, book in your bunnies, chickens, cats or any other pets while you are away over the summer months, just log into our Online Pet Sitting Software via our website. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via email at or call us on our new landline 01603 927272.

Administrative Office Hours

Tom and Toto Ltd. now operate Administrative office hours Monday – Saturday. Please ensure any communication via phone or email and online booking requests fall within these hours for immediate response and action. Any requests or contacts (other than emergencies) made outside these hours will be actioned the following working day.

Don’t worry…. These are purely Administrative hours! Your visits, Walks and Housesits will run as usual as per you and your pets’ requirements.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30AM – 5.30PM

Saturday 9AM – 1PM

Sunday Closed

For Weekend and Bank holiday bookings – Please ensure you submit these request during the previous week.

For the following week bookings (Monday) – Please submit these by Saturday 12pm to ensure your booking is confirmed before close of Saturday office hours.

Tom and Toto June 2017 Dog Newsletter

Kennel Cough

Now we are entering the Holiday season, more and more pets will be having contact with 3rd party dogs outside of the Tom and Toto Family. Tom and Toto now require your dog to be vaccinated against Kennel Cough due to the large number of dogs your pet comes in contact with. If your pet is already Vaccinated against Kennel Cough can you please email a copy of the Vaccination record to so we can upload it to your pets’ record. If your dog has yet to be vaccinated we recommend they get vaccinated as soon as possible as Kennel Cough is rampant during the warmer months due to the higher foot traffic out in public areas.

Our latest blog covers information regarding Kennel Cough including what to do if you suspect your pet has Kennel Cough and the Tom and Toto Protocols surrounding Kennel Cough cases.

For more in-depth information regarding Kennel Cough and the Vaccinations please contact your Vet Practice.

Fleas and Ticks

As we are now having a lot more regular warmer, sunnier days (you see I’ve jinxed it now!!), we will be using more and more Woodlands, Fields and Marshes in order to keep your pets’ cooler in the summer months. Due to this please insure your Dogs’ Flea and Tick Treatments are up to date to keep those pesky things at bay.

If you are a multi pet household don’t forget to flea and tick all your pets at the same time!

Day Care Services

From May some of you may have noticed a new service appear on your invoice called ‘Day-care’, this is because your dog is out with us on back-to-back / double lunchtime group walks.  approx. 10AM – 3PM (pick up and drop off route depending).

If you already use the Day-care Service, we have now added this as an option alongside our existing list of services on the Pet Portal for future requests to make booking your dogs in easier.

If you have yet to use the Day-care service and think this might be something your dog would benefit from then please contact us on for rates and further information.

New Recruits

In Tom and Toto’s June 2017 General Newsletter, you would have seen the News regarding walker and sitter Sian leaving the Tom and Toto team due to health reasons. This means the process for finding new members of the team has been in process.

To keep up our high standards , following an initial interview  successful candidates are invited to a Practical Trail day, with Sarah (Director) or Emma (Assistant Manager) to ensure their canine knowledge, practical skills, dog engagement, enthusiasm and capabilities are up to T&T standards. During this stage a number of individual candidates will shadow for the day on pickups, walks and drop offs on various days of the week. During the Trail Days the candidates: Will not be accessing your property on their own, Have solo contact with your pet, Nor have access to the keys.

Once the Trail days are completed and vetting has been cleared, you will be informed about the successful new members of the team and their training will begin.