Safe Rescue for Dogs Need Your Help

Lucy is one of our dedicated doggy daycare team. She is an amazing under-supervisor and loves your dogs like her own. The other love close to her heart is working with rescue dogs and together with her family they run Safe Rescue for Dogs. This month’s blog is all about her work with Safe Rescue and how you can help dogs in need.

“On the 1st of October 2023, I flew over to Romania with a team of volunteers from Safe Rescue For Dogs, with the daunting task of visiting a public shelter in a town called, Botoșani. Due to being involved with the dog rescue world all my life, I had heard about this shelter. I knew that this shelter was underfunded and overcrowded, but even though I have been aware of this public dog shelter for years, I was still overwhelmed on our first visit.”

Botoșani Public Dog Shelter is a government run shelter, but despite having this title the Government does not support these shelters enough, run by mostly local volunteers and a few workers, these people work tirelessly every single day, to feed and look after over 900 dogs and puppies.

“On the first day, we went straight to the shelter and it was obvious that the place was in dire need of support. With over 900 dogs and around 150 kennels, each pen was crammed with dogs. I cannot put into words the sound of 900 dogs, screaming, barking and pleading for help. So, straight away we got to work. Our main aims of the trip included:

  1. Entering each pen, counting and touching each dog, in order to look at their condition. With this many dogs, the volunteers had lost count over the years, with some dogs hiding at the back of the pen all their life.
  2. Raising money, we were informed by the volunteers that they only had a week worth of food left, therefore the dogs would have nothing to eat and would most likely starve. So, we pleaded to our supporters raising money for food, vaccines, water buckets and other necessities they can’t afford.
  3. Buying supplies to fix and mend pens. Due to the kennels being outside, every dog was at peril to the weather, so we fixed a wooden backing on pens to minimise the wind and snow entering the kennels in winter seasons. In addition to this, we added chicken wire along certain pens, to stop either puppies entering adult pens and being killed, or minimising injuries of dog fights between neighbouring pens.
  4. Walking as many dogs as possible, enabling us to assess them, get pictures and allow them freedom. Even though this is a simple task it was so important, as some of these dogs have been locked in a kennel for 5 plus years, unable to feel grass beneath their feet.

The emotions we went through on this trip were full of highs and lows. The heart wrenching sadness of seeing the dog catcher turn up with yet more dogs, to add to the ever-growing numbers. The numbing feeling of seeing a dead dog, who did not survive the night. But also, the warm feeling of hugging a dog/puppy who hasn’t felt affection or love, or the amazing feeling of being able to change a dog’s life.

Even though this trip was short we were able to have a big impact, we brought many dogs over to the UK, in order for them to find their forever homes, and other rescues started to also save the dogs, making numbers subside. With supporters help we were able to make a change.

Which leads me to the main point of this post, Safe Rescue For Dogs, needs your help to continue to help Botoșani shelter. Our next trip is this March. We need to raise money for food, medicine, neutering and other necessities. So, if you can spare even a pound to help us save these dogs, you will make a change in their lives. Together we can help these dogs. Thank you”

To make a donation to Safe Rescue and help Lucy you can do so HERE

You can follow Lucy’s trip to Romania on Tik Tok, Facebook or Instagram @saferescuefordogs.