Tips For Combatting Mud Season

Now that the evenings are drawing in, and the inevitable British winter is upon us, we thought you could use some helpful tips and tricks to try and keep your pup (and house!) as clean as possible.

Before your walk:

Adapt your route

Just because the weather is wetter and muddier now, doesn’t mean you need to shorten or forget a walk completely. It might be easier to opt for more city walks throughout winter, pavements will be less messy, safer and also better lit for evening walks compared to the countryside.

Keep on top of grooming

Long hair = more mud. One easy trick to minimise the mud is to stay on top of your dogs trims. Especially on their tummy. You can either book them in for regular trips to the groomers, or simply do it yourself. Just ensure you have a good pair of scissors and that your dog is calm and still, you don’t want a bad DIY haircut!

Dry them

Ruff and Tumble’s Drying Coat dries your dog in minutes and takes the hassle out of managing wet dogs. Imagine a car that isn’t mud splattered and whiffy, or a kitchen without a heap of smelly, damp towels. 

Be prepared

Carrying a water bottle to rinse their paws or a paw buddy is also a good trick. Boot liners/hammocks are ideal for keeping your car clean as well.

After your walk:

Rinse them off

You can use disposable alcohol free wipes, added benefit is they also get rid of the ‘damp dog’ smell. Mud daddy portable showers are also great, especially for bigger breeds, especially if you don’t want muddy paw prints trailing throughout the house. Teaching your dog the ‘paw’ command when they’re a puppy makes this task a lot easier. While wiping them down, don’t forget to check in between their toes that there isn’t any trapped mud hiding.

If you want to clean your dog off completely before they enter the house, you can always use the garden hose to rinse them off or get an outside tap fitted to use a bucket and sponge to get the worst of the mud off.

Dry them off quickly

Drying them off speedily is as important as all the other steps, this ensures they don’t have the ‘damp dog’ stench that will linger throughout your house. If your dog tolerates it, using a cool hairdryer to get most of the water out is best, but if not just stick to thoroughly towel drying them. You also don’t want them to be left soggy and cold as young dogs could become poorly.