Transporting your Puppy Home

Transporting your Puppy Home

Congratulation on the newest addition to your family! Not long now before your bouncing little bundle will be a big part of your everyday lives. Even though they are so tiny and cute, you will soon find they take up a major role in your home.

Now its time to start thinking about what you need to bring your puppy home safely regardless of distance.

  • Planning: Plan your journey well. Your puppy will be new to traveling and you will need to ensure you can stop regularly for toilet and water breaks and depending on the timings you are traveling, meal times or snacks need to be factored in.
  • Safety: Safety is key for a new puppy that has yet to master traveling in a car. The most ideal would be a suitable size crate that is secured. If you would prefer you have them on your back seat, ensure they have a safety harness and seatbelt to keep them from endangering themselves or distracting the driver. It is illegal to have your dog unrestrained in a moving vehicle. Also ensure you have a blanket or towel with the scent of the mother and siblings to help relax the puppy. Ensure they are in sight during the journey to ensure they are ok.
  • Accidents! A puppy will be new to traveling and would not have got their car legs yet and will most likely get car sick until they settle, so you will need to ensure their crate or car seat is suitably lined with newspaper, puppy training pads and a blanket and make sure you take spares just incase along with cleaning supplies.
  • Water: Water should always be available to your puppy on any journey either by having a secured non tip bowl in their crate or during your potty breaks ensure you offer them some water as the stress of traveling can increase thrust but also settles a nauseous tummy.
  • Food: Never starve a puppy as at this point they would have been use to regular feedings. If they are coming from a reputable breeder, ensure they supply you with some of the food they have already been on before you transition to a different food. While traveling, dry food is better than wet for a more settled tummy. If they are eating wet food as their normal puppy food, give them some boiled chicken and rice if they are going to be traveling during their meal times.
  • Activities: Traveling can be very boring for a little pup. Take some fun activities and toys to keep them entertained between naps. Make sure you can see them with these activities for health and safety.

Once your puppy is home structure and routine are key for setting your puppy up for success. If you need any support or advice about your puppy, contact us for the “Bringing Puppy Home” 2 hour training and advice session with Assistant Manager Emma at your own home. To find out more See our blog on ‘Bringing Puppy Home Training and Advice session’ blog or contact [email protected]


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